Germany set to decriminalise recreational cannabis in historic move

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulOct 27, 2022 | 14:16

Germany set to decriminalise recreational cannabis in historic move

The country has moved to draft laws to legalise cannabis for recreational purposes, which would make it only the second country in Europe to do so after Malta. 

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach addressed a press conference on Wednesday, presenting a revolutionary draft of planned legislation to regulate the controlled distribution and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes among adults.

According to the proposed draft, 


The move has been touted by the Health Minister as one that would make Germany Europe’s “most liberal cannabis legalization project” but also its “most tightly regulated market.”

In the presentation of the decriminalisation proposal, Lauterbach talked about how the cannabis ban in the country in recent years has been particularly counterproductive and the plan to remove its criminal status will help protect the health of young people.

“The drug policy must be renewed. We want to reform cannabis consumption from a health perspective.”
- German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach in the government's key issues draft

Currently, the new cannabis proposal is to be submitted to the EU Commission to check for its compliance with EU treaties and the Schengen Agreement that facilitates free travel among 26 countries

According to Reuters, legalising cannabis could bring Germany annual tax revenues and cost savings of about 4.7 billion euros ($4.7 billion) and create 27,000 new jobs.


However, Berlin-based cannabis company the Sanity Group offered some critique in a statement. 

“A total advertising ban is not conducive to education and destigmatization of the drug. A completely new legal market is developing in which consumers must orient themselves responsibly,”
- Sanity Group CEO, Finn Hänsel in a statement

Though the move towards decriminalisation in Germany does not have a definitive timeline, it is still one of the most radical, government mandated steps taken within Europe and sets an important precedent for destigmatisation and public awareness world over.

Last updated: October 27, 2022 | 14:16
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