Have you ever seen 'dinosaurs' run races? It just happened in Washington

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsAug 26, 2022 | 16:33

Have you ever seen 'dinosaurs' run races? It just happened in Washington

T-Rex race. Photo: Emerald Downs

A video of humans dressed as dinosaurs running in a race is the recent internet sensation. If you want to try something crazy and fun, then participating in this can be on your list.

The dinosaur race: The T-Rex race was organised at Emerald Downs in Washington, USA, on August 21.

In the video, all the runners wearing inflated Tyrannosaurus outfits can be seen running.


Around 150 people participated in the race. The runners covered 1/16-mile (100 metres) distance on the Emerald Downs oval.

History of the dinosaur race: In 2019, the first ever dinosaur race took place. The footage of the event was one of the most watched videos that year. The video was viewed more than 100 million times across social media platforms. In 2019, the unique event gathered the attention of international media as well.

The race didn’t take place for almost 3 years due to the pandemic.

The official page of Emerald Downs has mentioned that Track President Phil Ziegler still gets requests to share the 2019 video. He also mentioned that many people have commented on how the race video made them smile and laugh.

Like the previous race, the staff of Tri Guard Pest Control in Renton participated in the race. This time it was also open to normal people.


There was only one requirement to participate in the race: be dressed in an inflatable T-Rex costume.

There were races for both kids and adults. Many other unusual racing events are also organised for babies, kids, wiener dogs, bulldogs and corgis.⁠

T-Rex: Tyrannosaurus also known as T-Rex is a species of dinosour that lived in the island continent called Laramidia (now western North America). It was one of the most powerful predators on earth with massive body, sharp teeth and jaws.

Previously, another T-Rex race was organised in Tottori, Japan on April 16. In this race too around 100 people dressed in T-Rex dinosaurs participated.

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