Hundreds of teens storm stores, steal iPhones and iPads in Philadelphia, USA

DailyBiteSep 27, 2023 | 17:38

Hundreds of teens storm stores, steal iPhones and iPads in Philadelphia, USA

Group of masked teens robbed an Apple Store in Philadelphia. Photo: Social Media

When it comes to tales of iPhone frenzy, several groups of masked and hooded individuals, believed to be teenagers, targeted various stores in Philadelphia's city center. They brazenly seized gadgets and swiftly made their getaway in flash mob-style raids.

Numerous videos have surfaced from across the city, depicting stores being ransacked by hundreds of teens on Tuesday, September 26, after nightfall, according to NBC10 Philadelphia.


Police and witnesses reported these incidents, which unfolded against a backdrop of peaceful protests and a few days after the release of the iPhone 15 Series on September 22.

What happened

  • On Tuesday evening around 8 pm, an Apple Store fell victim to the marauding youth, with a "caravan of cars" moving between locations and breaking into shops.
  • The culprits, who fled the scene and were subsequently pursued by the police, abandoned their haul of iPhones and iPads, which were later recovered by law enforcement, as reported by the Associated Press.
  • At the Lululemon store, more than 100 teens participated in the looting, according to a police officer quoted by NBC10 Philadelphia.
  • Meanwhile, the local law enforcement officers caught hold of 20 looters and apprehended them, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • While no injuries were reported, CBS Philadelphia reported a security guard being assaulted at a Foot Locker outlet during the loot.
  • A few videos also emerged where the looters were seen destroying some of the looted gadgets outside a store.
  • One teen, without a mask, standing outside the Lululemon store even live-streamed the incident while screaming, "Everybody must see".

Fortunately, the police managed to contain the chaos by midnight local time.

Last updated: September 27, 2023 | 17:38
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