India wants Canada to withdraw 40 diplomats by Oct 10, in latest salvo

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India wants Canada to withdraw 40 diplomats by Oct 10, in latest salvo

Demonstrators gather in support of Khalistan, during a rally outside the Consulate General of India, in Toronto on September 25. (Photo: AFP)

The diplomatic standoff between India and Canada is intensifying day by day. India has made a stern request for Canada to recall approximately 40 of its diplomats by October 10.

Ottawa has received New Delhi's demand to repatriate about 40 diplomats by October 10, as reported by the Financial Times.

The escalation of tensions between the two countries began when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alleged "credible allegations" of Indian involvement in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the chief of the banned Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) and one of India's most-wanted terrorists.


The details

  • Canada currently maintains a significantly larger diplomatic presence at its high commission in New Delhi compared to India's presence in Ottawa.
  • This difference arises primarily due to the extensive consular section required to serve the roughly 1.3 million Canadians of Indian heritage.
  • Canada has 62 diplomats stationed in India, while New Delhi has requested a reduction of 41 diplomats on the Canadian side, as reported by FT.

Why it matters

This standoff underscores the growing tensions between the two nations and presents Prime Minister Trudeau with a challenging situation.

He is now facing domestic pressure to take action while seeking support from Western allies eager to strengthen relations with India as a counterbalance to China's influence.


Trudeau's accusations

The controversy began when Trudeau, speaking in the Canadian House of Commons, mentioned that Canadian security agencies were examining potential ties between India and the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Nijjar was shot dead outside a gurdwara in Surrey on June 18.

Trudeau urged the Indian government to "cooperate with Canada to get to the bottom of this matter" and to reiterate its position on "extra-judicial operations" in another country.



What happened after Canada's accusations?

India has firmly rejected these allegations as "absurd and motivated." The dispute has led to the reciprocal expulsion of diplomats, advisories for citizens residing in each other's countries, and an ongoing diplomatic standoff.

In response to Trudeau's comments, India has taken several retaliatory measures against Canada, including:

  • Expelling two Canadian diplomats from New Delhi.
  • Issuing a travel advisory for Indian nationals traveling to Canada.
  • Cautioning the Indian community in Canada about the "increasing incidences of crimes" against them.
  • Suspending talks on a free trade agreement with Canada.

Canada, in turn, has responded by:

Expelling one Indian diplomat from Ottawa.
Suspending talks on a free trade agreement with India.
Issuing a travel advisory for Canadians traveling to India.
Cautioning Canadians of Indian origin about "increasing incidences of crimes" against them in India

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