Israeli singer Lior Narkis serenades IDF soldiers with hate speech, calls Gaza a ‘wh**e’, ‘trash’

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulNov 16, 2023 | 16:51

Israeli singer Lior Narkis serenades IDF soldiers with hate speech, calls Gaza a ‘wh**e’, ‘trash’

Israeli singer Lior Narkis has found himself in the midst of controversy following a performance for Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops, during which he used disgusting language directed towards Gaza.


An ardent supporter of Israel and the IDF, Narkis went beyond mere criticism in a now viral video from the concert, employing derogatory terms such as "w**re," "black," and “trash" to refer to the currently besieged strip of Gaza. 

  • The incident has sparked outrage and accusations of promoting hate speech, especially considering the sensitive political context surrounding the Israeli-Hamas conflict.
  • The nature of his remarks has led to questions about why he is touring IDF bases rather than facing charges for hate speech.


Born in Holon, Narkis hails from a diverse background. 

  • His father, David Narkis, had Iraqi-Jewish roots, while his mother, Hanna Narkis, had Serbian-Jewish ancestry with additional ties to Greek-Tunisian-Jewish heritage. 
  • Narkis harbored dreams of a singing career from a young age, releasing his debut album, "Tfilat Chayay" (The Prayer of My Life), at the tender age of 16. 

Having served in the IDF, his hit single "Lekhol Ekhad Yesh" (Everyone Has) propelled Narkis to the forefront of Israeli music. This song, crowned "Song of the Year" in Israel, resonated particularly well with football fans.

In 2003, Narkis entered the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Words for Love" (the irony of which is certainly not lost on any of us), winning the national finals.

Last updated: November 16, 2023 | 16:51
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