K-pop band SEVENTEEN lights up the stage at the UNESCO Youth Forum. Key moments

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaNov 15, 2023 | 18:23

K-pop band SEVENTEEN lights up the stage at the UNESCO Youth Forum. Key moments

Photo credit- Twitter/ SEVENTEEN @pledis_17

The 13th edition of the UNESCO Youth Forum, held on November 14 in Paris, witnessed an electrifying engagement with the K-pop sensation, SEVENTEEN. Here's a rundown of the most captivating moments from their impactful session.

To better understand the significance of the UNESCO Youth Forum:

  • Held biennially since 1999, this platform, organized by the Social and Human Sciences Sector, allows youth to discuss their current needs and issues.
  • The forum addresses the critical lack of opportunities for youth to engage in public debates, a concern highlighted in a recent UN study.
  • Scheduled from November 14-15, 2023, the theme focuses on the pressing issue of climate change and its social implications.

Key moments

Grand opening

SEVENTEEN, a 13-member group, known for their independent spirit and creative essence, was warmly introduced to the audience.

Following, a video message was shared with SEVENTEEN'S audio in it, along with a message from the whole group with the highlight-

"we've come a long way together to built the world we want for ourselves we've always worked together with our eyes set on achieving that shared goal"

Noteworthy achievements

Kyung-Koo Han, the Secretary-General of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, highlighted SEVENTEEN's remarkable contributions:

  • The group spearheaded the "Going Together Global" campaign, reimagining education for a brighter world.
  • Their efforts equipped a Community Learning Center in Timor-Leste and supported education in Malawi through a fundraising event.

Journey with #GoingTogether Campaign:

A video showcased SEVENTEEN's collaborative journey with the campaign, emphasizing fan interaction, donation events, and offline fan meeting concerts.

The members' inspiring stories

  • Six out of the 13 members shared personal stories and dreams, reflecting on their journey towards success.

  • The members have different nationalities: 9 of them are South Korean, two are Chinese (The8 or Xu Minghao and Wen Junhui), and two are Korean-American (Vernon and Joshua). Four members spoke in Korean, Wen Junhui in Chinese, and Joshua in English.

  • Junhui talked about how, at first, when they met in 2012, there used to be a language barrier, but they never stopped communicating, even if it was just through hand gestures or expressions, eventually learning the language to become K-pop artists.


UNESCO HQ holds a concert

  • SEVENTEEN's presence at the 2023 UNESCO Youth Forum, with their music performance, lightened the mood and left a strong impact on how change can be achieved in a fun and interactive way as well.
  • After their speech, the group performed five songs live including, "World," "Darling", "Headliner," "God of Music," and "Together".

The session came to an end after the lively music performance, with the youth dancing and singing along with the group and SEVENTEEN reminded the youth that they can all change the world together until the very end.

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