New Argentine Prez Javier Milei would 'chainsaw' country's political system because his dead dog told him to

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulNov 20, 2023 | 14:43

New Argentine Prez Javier Milei would 'chainsaw' country's political system because his dead dog told him to

The new Argentinian President has earned the moniker "Chainsaw Man" for his unconventional and provocative political style. Drawing parallels with the eponymous anime series where the protagonist uses chainsaws to fight devils, Milei has embraced the chainsaw as a symbol of defiance and strength in his crusade against what he calls "the political caste" and the bloated state.


  • During his electoral campaign, Milei dubbed himself "the king of the jungle" and made headlines by brandishing a chainsaw on several occasions. 
  • This powerful visual metaphor has clearly resonated with disaffected Argentines who see Milei as the force to shred through the ineffective government and political bureaucracy. 

Chainsaw symbolism

The chainsaw, in Milei's hands, becomes a vivid representation of the people's frustration with a government they perceive as inefficient and disconnected from their needs.

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  • Milei's nickname is not only tied to his use of a chainsaw but also reflects his commitment to dismantling the existing state apparatus. 
  • His self-declared anarcho-capitalist stance is evident in his proposals to eliminate multiple ministries, which he views as part of the problem contributing to Argentina's economic woes as he proudly tore of ministry titles off a board in a viral video.

Pochita plushie

Though the comparison to the anime series Chainsaw Man goes beyond the tool's symbolism. 

  • Plushies of a character from the series, Pochita, a dog-like demon with a chainsaw blade protruding from its face, have appeared at Milei's rallies. 
  • While Argentinian media attempted to create fear by associating Milei with the Chainsaw Devil from the anime, the move backfired as supporters embraced Pochita, even throwing plushies of the character at Milei during his campaigns. 

Milei's dogs

The eccentricities of Milei's political persona extend to his personal life, as revealed by author Juan Luis González in the book El Loco: The unknown life of Javier Milei and his irruption in Argentine politics.

  • González unveils a more esoteric side of Milei, including his belief in consulting his dead dog, Conan, through a medium and claiming that God chose him to enter politics and become president in 2023. 
  • Milei proceeded to clone Conan after its death and allegedly consults his three new dogs on various political and economic decision-making as well.

In Chainsaw Man, the protagonist, Denji, communicates with his devil companion, Pochita, who manifests as a chainsaw-wielding creature. It seems both Milei and Denji display a creepy connection to their animal companions, seeking guidance and advice in critical moments. 


In the face of controversy and scandal, Milei has not faltered, and his hyper-energetic rants against the political class have resonated with many Argentines disillusioned with their economic struggles. 


But all things considered, Milei's win is concerning on several fronts:

  • His radical economic proposals, such as ditching the national currency for the US dollar, intentions of Argentina exiting BRICS and even dismantling the Central Bank, raise serious concerns about the stability and sustainability of Argentina's economic system. 
  • His plan to eliminate multiple ministries, including those focused on women's issues, labor, environment, and education, could have far-reaching consequences and negatively impact vulnerable populations.
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In the whirlwind of Milei's chainsaw-wielding ascent to power, one might wonder if Argentina is witnessing a political revolution or a descent into hell. Whether he's the 'Chainsaw Man' the people need or a disruptor with a dogged determination to reshape the nation, only time will tell if the roar of the chainsaw heralds a new era of progress or the unsettling saw-buzz of dismantling foundations.

Last updated: November 20, 2023 | 14:43
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