Passengers on Thai Smile Bangkok to Kolkata flight reveal why the ugly fight broke out in that viral video

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadDec 29, 2022 | 10:06

Passengers on Thai Smile Bangkok to Kolkata flight reveal why the ugly fight broke out in that viral video

Passengers slap man on Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata. Photo: Twitter sources

It seems like Indians are climbing the ranks of notoriety when it comes to flying into a rage on flights, right behind some Americans. In the latest, a viral video shows passengers getting into a boxing match on a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata.

Take a look at the viral video:


In the video, one of the passengers can be heard saying "haath neeche kar" or "put your hands down" as the argument gets heated. The shouting match then swiftly turns into one of them hitting and slapping the other. A few more passengers are also seen joining the "haath neeche kar" passenger in trading blows to the man standing by his seat.

On the other hand, a flight attendant is seen unsuccessfully trying to pacify the passengers as the remaining fliers look on. Another flight attendant is heard making an announcement asking the passengers to sit down.

Passenger account of what happened: According to an anonymous passenger who was on the flight, the brawl took place on December 26 when the plane was heading to the runway for takeoff in Bangkok. 

The reason for the fight: According to TOI, the fight broke out over reclining seat when the flight was taxiing to the runway for take off. 

  • The passenger being hit (dark blue shirt) was reportedly reclining in his seat (31C) even after the flight attendants asked him to put his seat in an upright position. 
  • When the passenger did not relent, a few other passengers got involved.
This person did not budge. Then some other passengers, including someone seated on 37C ( the person in the white coat) walked up to the person in 31C and asked him to put his seat in upright position. There was an altercation that led to the fight onboard.
- Unnamed co-passengers (Source: TOI)
  • Curiously, the flight did not turn back or deboard the fighting passengers.
  • The flight only stopped for a while till the situation was brought under control and then continued to the runway for take-off.
  • The fight was reportedly solved amicably.  
  • During take-off and landing, passengers on a flight need to put their seats in an upright position.          

What authorities are saying: So far, Thai Smile has not made any statement on the incident. DailyO has reached out to Thai Smile airlines for a comment, and this article will be updated when we receive their response. 

  • Reports say that DGCA has not registered any complaint yet as the incident took place on foreign soil.
Its a foreign registered Aircraft. We have no powers/oversight. Our laws do not apply to them. State of registry (Thailand) has to take appropriate action (sic).
- Senior DGCA official (Source: @27saurabhsinha/Twitter)
  • Some reports said that those involved in the brawl were handed over to security upon arrival in Kolkata. However, there is no official statement on the incident yet. 

Getting into a fight or having your fellow passengers get into a fight in a little cylinder that is about to get airborne is a serious security issue. If the situation is to get out of hand or happens again when the flight is mid-air, it can be dangerous for the safety of hundreds of passengers. It is no doubt that a flight is the last place anyone should be getting into a fight. 


Video goes viral on social media: The video of the scuffle is going viral on social media, with users condemning the uncouth behaviour of the passengers.  

Recently, a video of a shouting match between a flight attendant and a passenger on an IndiGo flight went viral. The passenger was accused of misbehaving throughout the flight with the attendants and even referring to them as "servants". 

IndiGo and DGCA both said that they are investigating what happened. 

Last updated: December 29, 2022 | 13:24
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