Qantas flight lands safely in Sydney after engine failure

DailyBiteJan 18, 2023 | 11:39

Qantas flight lands safely in Sydney after engine failure

Qantas flight issues mayday call mid-flight. Photo: qantas/Instagram

Qantas flight QF144 from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia, issued a mayday alert mid-flight on Wednesday, January 18, afternoon. The flight carrying over 100 passengers managed to land safely at Sydney airport after issuing the mayday call. 

The flight issued the mayday alert over the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.

What happened? According to local media reports, the flight issued a mayday call after one of its engines failed. 

  • Reportedly, the plane also landed safely with just one engine. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 twin-engine plane.
  • According to the latest update, Qantas in a statement has said the mayday alert has been downgraded to a PAN.
  • Emergency services and ambulances were called in at Sydney airport as a precaution. They were on standby at the airport as part of an "emergency activation" plan. 
  • Currently, an investigation is underway and no injuries have been reported. 

What's a mayday alert? 

A ‘mayday’ call indicates an aircraft is in grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance.
- Air Services Australia

And a PAN-PAN is the international standard urgent signal which means someone on a ship, aircraft or other vehicle is in an urgent situation, but the vessel or those onboard are not in immediate danger. 

A ‘pan’ call is used to describe a less urgent situation but one that still requires attention from air traffic control.
- Air Services Australia
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