SC grants Z+ security to Mukesh Ambani in India and abroad. Who gets Z+ security?

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SC grants Z+ security to Mukesh Ambani in India and abroad. Who gets Z+ security?

India's richest man and business tycoon Mukesh Ambani has been granted highest level of Z+ security cover in India and abroad as wll, by the Supreme Court. Photo: Getty

The Supreme Court of India ordered the Maharashtra government and the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide Z+ security to India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani and his family. And what's worth mentioning is that this security cover would be given to them abroad too. It will be the duty of Ministry of Home Affairs to look after the security arrangements for the Ambanis abroad. 


Also, the cost of the security cover will be borne by Mukesh Ambani. 

There are different layers of protection accorded to individuals in India; which includes Z security, Y, and X level security.

Who provides the security covers?

4 agencies are responsible for providing security to VIPs in India. They are SPG (Special Protection Group), NSG (National Security Guard), ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force).

NSG is the most advanced security force, in-charge of the security of many VIPs ranging from Chief Ministers to Prime Ministers and persons who have a high threat to their lives in India.

What is Z+ security cover? 

It is the highest security cover in India.

  • It is a 55-personnel security cover, which includes 10+ NSG commandos and police personnel.
  • Each NSG commando is an expert in martial arts and unarmed combat.
  • The commandos are equipped with sophisticated weapons and modern communication gadgets.
  • This security protection is given to political leaders like Home Minister Amit Shah, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What are Z, Y and X layers of security?

NSG commandos who provide security to VIPs in India. PhotoL Getty

Z-level security: After Z+ is the Z-level security, which comprises 22 security guards including 5 NSG commandos and police personnel. It is considered the third highest degree of security.


People like Baba Ramdev and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan have Z security cover.

Y cover: It is the fourth highest security cover given to individuals and it comprises 11 personnel, including 1-2 NSG commandos.

It also comes with two PSOs (Personal Security Officers).

X cover: This is the fifth level of security given to individuals in India and this comes with 2 security professionals; both of whom are armed officers. 

This security cover is given to several people in India and it comes with one PSO.

SPG level: The SPG level of security is given to the PM, former Prime Ministers and their families everywhere on the globe, since it ensures their security.

After the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984, the Indian government set up the SPG. It was established in 1988 by an Act of the Indian Parliament.

How do you get a security cover?

A person, who is facing a threat can file an application with the nearest police station.

  • The case is then forwarded to to the intelligence agencies to investigate the threat posed to the person.
  • After the threat is confirmed, a committee comprising the Home Secretary, Director General, and the Chief Secretary in the state decides which level of security is to be given to that person.
  • After this, the details of the individual who has filed for protection are also given to the Union Home Ministry for final approval.
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