This company will pay you extra money if you have quit. You read that right.

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsSep 14, 2022 | 17:53

This company will pay you extra money if you have quit. You read that right.

A US based marketing firm pays 10% extra to their employees during their notice peroid

Imagine getting some extra money during your notice period. Sounds unbelievable? Well, anything and (almost) everything is possible in this world, it seems.

Getting paid to leave? You might have come across several weird work cultures till now, like working 18 hours a day, bosses firing employees over a zoom call and so on.

We have another one, from the other end of the hiring-firing spectrum.


Gorilla 76, a marketing agency in the US, gives a 10% hike to employees during their notice period in exchange for leaving the company.

In a Linkedin post the CEO of the company, Jon Franko, said, “we pay our employees to leave” but “OF COURSE we don't want people to leave.”

“We pay our employees to leave,” said Jon Franko, the CEO of the company

In the post, Franko said that when employees have made up their minds to resign, the company gives a 10% salary hike. But to get this extra money, the employees have to serve at least a six-week notice period.

But why? “This encourages our people to do something different if they're feeling stuck or in the wrong place,” the CEO explains, as the reason behind this weird policy.

What’s the organisation’s benefit? What’s the catch? CEO Franko explained that with the hike, they try to convince the employee to serve a notice period of not more than 3 months. “And we promise, no hard feelings.”

This period then helps the organisation to plan and prepare accordingly. “It's way better than the normal two-week sprint,” he wrote.

Screenshot of Jon Franko's Linkedin post

Test and trial: Franko also cited an example of one of their employees who recently resigned from the company. 


“He was ready for something different. So, he came to us, told us he was seriously looking, and that he would be gone within three months. We shook hands, bumped his salary 10% and began our search,” Franko wrote.

“OF COURSE we don't want people to leave. But we're fools to think they're all going to retire with us. Our approach is to make transitions as seamless as possible,” he wrote.

That's all.

Last updated: September 14, 2022 | 17:53
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