Watch: Chandrayaan-3's rover landing on the surface of the Moon

DailyBiteAug 25, 2023 | 16:20

Watch: Chandrayaan-3's rover landing on the surface of the Moon

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has shared a new video of its spacecraft Chandrayaan-3’s rover ramping down from the lander on the Moon.The space agency uploaded the video on the social media platform X.

Earlier, the space agency had shared a video  of Chandrayaan-3’s just moments before touching the surface of the Moon during the ‘soft-landing’.


ISRO achieved the milestone on August 23 by successfully executing a mission, which has now placed India in the league of world powers like US, China and Russia to have their spacecraft on the Moon.

The entire nation was engulfed in celebrations as Chandrayaan-3 managed to pull a ‘soft-landing’ which had failed four years back with Chandrayaan 2.

India has also become the first country to land a spacecraft near the lunar south pole.

'All system are normal'

ISRO in another update has said that all the systems of the spacecraft after the landing are normal.

Communication link established

ISRO in an update also said that a communication link has been established between the CH-3 lander and MOX-ISTRAC, Bengaluru.

Chandryaan-3 carries 9 payloads, one of which is provided by American space agency, NASA.  The spacecraft is intended to carry out significant activity on subjects like habitability of exoplanets, listening to lunar rumblings, and studying the plasma activity on the moon.


ISRO’s next mission is to send a spacecraft that studies the sun. The project is said to be executed in September.

Last updated: August 25, 2023 | 16:20
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