Wild Wild Kanye West loves Hitler, Nazis, the Hakenkreuz. Even free-speech advocate Musk is done with him.

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulDec 02, 2022 | 13:10

Wild Wild Kanye West loves Hitler, Nazis, the Hakenkreuz. Even free-speech advocate Musk is done with him.

Kanye West's Twitter account has been suspended, yet again. It seems even Elon Musk himself is finally sick and tired of his antisemitic hate speech.

The rapper has been shut out of Twitter for the second time in the same year, a mere 10 days since his account was reinstated by the Twitter Big Boss, Elon Musk, last month.

Wild, Wild West: Following West’s appearance on Infowars, hosted by the alt-right, conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, the rapper dropped a bombshell on the talk show, saying, “I see good things about Hitler”, before proclaiming his admiration for the Third Reich and the Nazis. 


You know you’ve hit a new rock bottom when even Alex Jones seems taken aback with your statements. Jones’s desperate attempt at damage control by clarifying that West actually doesn’t love Hitler backfired really hard. 

The Republican House Judiciary too seem to have freaked out over the debacle as they deleted an older tweet which endorsed West, Musk and the former US President Donald Trump.

The Republican House Judiciary's since deleted tweet

In light of West levelling up on his antisemitic escapades, he seems to have finally crossed the line with the design of his 2024 presidential campaign logo of the Hakenkreuz, or the Nazi hooked cross, intertwined with a Star of David, in a since-deleted tweet.

Kanye flaunts his 2024 presidential campaign logo in a since deleted tweet

Musk tried his best, but wasn't good for West: Musk’s response was prompt and resulted in West’s account suspension.

Later, Musk clarified that West’s Twitter ban wasn’t a result of an unflattering image of Musk that the rapper had earlier tweeted; rather his incitement of violence.

Kanye trolls Musk with an unflattering image on Twitter

The Internet has been fuming ever since...

Seems like West’s unfiltered thoughts are probably a little too much free speech for even Twitter’s champion of free speech after all. 


Kanye's Waste-land: Over the last few weeks, Kanye West has lost several brands, endorsements and what not, but none of that seems to have stopped him from taking a cold, hard look at his words. As report after report tumbles out of Kanye's messy closet, the odds seem stacked against him. Adidas-Yeezy employees speaking out against his controversial ways of dealing with office affairs, then there was the entire Balenciaga row; and of course, West's numerous antisemitic rants. Maybe his Twitter account being suspended once again will do what nothing else seems to have: make Kanye introspect.

Last updated: December 02, 2022 | 13:11
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