Types of people on a vacation

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'Types of people on a vacation'

Whether you are jetting off  to Goa or Thailand, there is absolutely no escaping from your fellow travellers. Do any of these sound similar?

(Some of them could be you too!)

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'The shutterbug'

Pictures before anything else! Afterall, their insta family would be waiting to see where they have headed to.

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'The perpetual planner'

If you are thinking of planning your next trip, worry not because every group has a 'Perpetual Planner'. They take care of making itineraries.

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'The sleepy head'

As the title suggests, these people prioritise sleep over anything else. Also, a comfy hotel bed is their weakness!

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'The serial complainer'

Let's be honest! Every group has one such person. This person will always find something to whinge about.
As the trip gets over, these people will write lengthy reviews on travel websites.

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'The over adventurous'

Be it any time of the day, the over-adventurous people will always have their sport shoes on and ready to go on their next adventure.

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The 'pack it just in case'

Such people will over load their suitcase until its zip tears apart.

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'The one who is always drunk'

Their love for cocktails pulls them closer to planning their next party-vacation.

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'The one who is always hungry'

"Food comes first, then anything else!"
While you're having your lunch, these people are already thinking about what to have in dinner.


So, which one do you think you are?

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