BTS V is in Lil Vada and DonnySolo's latest music video UP!, and fans cannot keep calm

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaSep 04, 2023 | 15:34

BTS V is in Lil Vada and DonnySolo's latest music video UP!, and fans cannot keep calm

Photo- BTS V(left) Lil Vada and DonnySolo (right) Instagram @thv @donnysolo

Fans of BTS's Tae-hyung AKA V, you can catch your favourite idol in a new music video. LA-based rap duo Lil Vada and DonnySolo, recently released their official music video for "UP" on September 2 and it features the Korean pop sensation Tae-hyung too. 

But how did this collaboration come to be? There's an endearing story and a Weverse livestream behind this collaboration.


The Story Behind V in the "UP" Music Video

  • During Weverse live streams, BTS members frequently introduce their fans to new music. When a member mentions or plays another artist's music on social media or in a live stream, it usually has a major influence on ARMYs' music preferences.
  • Some artists even express their gratitude to BTS members for promoting their songs.
  • Recently, BTS's V hosted a 10-minute live stream where he chatted with fans and played songs. During the stream, he played "UP!" by Lil Vada and DonnySolo, and even danced to it. This led many ARMYs to add the song to their playlists.
  • V's affection for the track captured the attention of Lil Vada and DonnySolo, a duo based in Los Angeles. They released the official music video for "UP!" on September 2, and surprisingly, it also featured a cameo by BTS's V.

The Music Video

  • A clip from BTS V's August 28 live stream was incorporated into the music video. 
  • V was also credited for the wardrobe in the video description. Lil Vada shared a picture of himself and V, both wearing similar outfits.
Photo- Wardrobe credits given to BTS Kim Taehyung popularly known as V in their music video (YouTube)
  • Lil Vada has also showered support for V by recommending his fans to check out the BTS idol's upcoming EP, "Layover," and praising V's recent track, "Love Me Again".


The video has gained significant attention on social media, and among the ARMYs, who have flooded the music video with comments and support.

Last updated: September 04, 2023 | 15:34
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