BTS V's You Quiz On The Block appearance gets K-Pop fans excited

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaSep 07, 2023 | 17:57

BTS V's You Quiz On The Block appearance gets K-Pop fans excited

The popular BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, made a captivating appearance on the South Korean show "You Quiz on the Block," with his episode released on September 6. This has ignited excitement among fans worldwide as they get a closer glimpse into the more playful side of V.

The show "You Quiz on the Block" aired on TVN, a prominent South Korean television channel, allowing South Koreans to enjoy the full episode.


However, for fans residing in other parts of the world, only select snippets of the episode were uploaded to the show's official YouTube channel.

Wondering where to catch the show? It was broadcasted on one of South Korea's most-watched television channels, TVN, on September 6. If you're outside of South Korea, you'll need to exercise some patience as you await the full episode to be uploaded to the "You Quiz on the Block" YouTube channel.

The released snippets have left fans eagerly anticipating more content from the episode, with additional videos shared by fans on platforms like X providing them with further insight.

V on the show

Following the announcement of V's highly anticipated album release on September 8, he has planned several intriguing show appearances, one of which is "You Quiz On the Block." This show is cherished in South Korea for offering fans a personal glimpse into the lives of celebrities.


V graced episode 210, sharing some captivating insights that are now going viral. These include:

The profound influence of his late grandmother on his career and life

  •  V mentioned a song by Na Hoon-a, a South Korean trot singer called "Ripe Persimmon," and revealed, "It's a song Jungkook taught me."

"I really like Senior Na Hoon-a. I grew up under my grandmother, so I like those songs. I really like trot music," reminiscing his childhood.
-    BTS V

  • He fondly recollected his childhood moments with his grandmother, reminiscing about how he used to sleep in her room, clutching a pen as if it were a sword.
  • He would often wake up with scribbles not only on his own face but also on his grandmother's.
  • He also shared the heartwarming memory of his grandmother offering her guests Bacchus, an energy drink, and added, "Taking a sip of it was my little joy." V further disclosed, "When I visit her grave, I bring a box of Bacchus drinks to her."
  • He touched upon the emotional challenge of performing during his grandmother's illness, expressing his hope that she could witness his performances in front of countless ARMYs.

His album Layover's recording at Jungkook's place

  • V reveals that he recorded songs for his album Layover at Jungkook's house.
  • The other members also helped him in the process.

BTS V the God of Pocket Money!

  • V shared that he was when he was young he used to dance and get pocket money or allowance.
  • And the story is well known how he followed his friend and passed the audition becoming one of the worldwide famous K-pop idol today.

V with his siblings

  • V's humorous revelation about his siblings' low-key approach to their connection with him, rarely mentioning him as their brother to others.
  • He also shared some lighthearted anecdotes about their occasional messages, with his sister asking if he was coming home and his younger brother simply bidding him goodbye.
  • The video of this interaction, when shared online, resonated with many for its relatability, leaving them puzzled by how his siblings managed to keep his superstar status a secret.

As fans worldwide eagerly await the full episode's release, the snippets have already showcased its interesting and fun content, making it a must-watch for BTS enthusiasts.

Last updated: September 07, 2023 | 17:57
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