Footballer Arik Gilbert breaks into liquor store and steals vapes worth $1,600 in viral video

Sweta Gupta
Sweta GuptaAug 30, 2023 | 15:46

Footballer Arik Gilbert breaks into liquor store and steals vapes worth $1,600 in viral video

Gilbert faced a squad of officers at the exit, leading to an unexpected arrest.

Bright and early on Tuesday, August 29, Arik Gilbert, the Nebraska football sensation, decided to switch up his game plan – from touchdowns to "take downs".

This time, he was not dodging defenders, but surveillance cameras. The man found himself in the spotlight, not for his athletic prowess, but for a quirky career change: a little burglary escapade.

Arik Gilbert, a once highly-touted five-star recruit who moved from Georgia to Nebraska, was expected to be a major player for the Cornhuskers in 2023.



  • Gilbert pulled off a sneak operation, breaking into a liquor store in SJ's Liquor & Vape in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.
  • He snagged stuff worth $1,600 (Rs 1 lakh 32 thousand) from the store. 
  • However, his escapade was short-lived as his crazy stunt was recorded on camera. 
  • He was arrested by the police at around 2 am outside the store.
  • Gilbert was tagged with a burglary charge and a ticket to a not-so-pleasant stay at the county jail.


Desperate act

  • Caught on camera, the action-packed to-and-fro began with the footballer tossing a chunk of cement through a door.
  • Meanwhile, the police hotline buzzed, and they raced to the scene.
  • A crew of eight officers turned the scene into a cinematic moment as Gilbert dropped his "shopping bags" and threw his hands up.
  • Gilbert was caught red-handed carrying an intriguing medley of vape treats and lighters all adding up to $1,672 (Rs 1 lakh 38 thousand).
  • According to the police report, Gilbert caused roughly $650 (Rs 53 thousand) in damages to the store. 

The  viral video has got all the suspense of a Hollywood heist. 

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Nebraska's head coach, Matt Rhule, openly expressed his feelings, mentioning that he was "obviously really disappointed, really sad" by Gilbert's actions. 


He was taken into custody on a burglary charge - a serious offence in Nebraska - and ended up in the Lancaster County jail. 

This arrest now threatens his upcoming season. Despite entering college with high hopes after being a top-ranked tight-end prospect in high school, Gilbert's journey has been rocky, from committing to LSU in 2020 to his switch to Georgia and now Nebraska.

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