IndiGo just called poha salad and the Internet is not having it

Amrutha Pagad
Amrutha PagadJan 30, 2023 | 12:57

IndiGo just called poha salad and the Internet is not having it

Is IndiGo passing off poha as salad? Photo: DailyO, Indigo/Twitter

The humble poha is a staple for breakfast in several parts of India. If you are reading this from Indore or Maharashtra, you must be nodding your head off (careful it might just come off!). For ages, the flattened rice dish has always been known as poha, avalakki, aval, chira in different Indian languages. But did you know that there are some people in India who call poha salad?


Turns out the people who call poha salad are none other than those at IndiGo Airlines. Take a look at their advert for the in-flight menu.

A picture of poha topped with what looks like chickpeas (kala chana) with text that reads salad!

You can take your time double-checking the image and the caption, we did too. 

The first thing to pop up in our mind was confusion. Wait, is IndiGo referring to poha as salad, or did I miss a picture of salad somewhere?

Well, there is no picture of a 'salad' anywhere in the advert. 

So, how did poha become salad? Is poha salad? Is poha indeed salad? Does poha become salad when we get thousands of feet above land? 

Twitter was quick to try and solve this mystery. 

Some pitched an addition to the menu - Salad with Jalebi (or is there a fancy name for jalebi we don't know yet?)

Others were downright offended that IndiGo was trying to feed them poha by calling it salad, or just insulting poha by calling it a salad. Even the IPCC (International Poha Connoisseurs Committee) is requesting an UNGA meeting on this. 


While there were some who tried to rationalise how poha was indeed salad if we look at how it was cooked. 

Then, chicken in chicken biryani must also be called toppings, like this user suggests.

A few basked in joy with the thought that they have been eating healthy every day for breakfast since poha is now a salad. 


But what is IndiGo's poha actually like? IndiGo offers at least two different types of poha - one is simply called poha, while the other is called poha salad. The second one comes with salad on the side. Maybe the IndiGo advert in question forgot to call the dish 'poha salad' and also missed the salad from the picture. 

Photo: goindigo.in

Also, IndiGo's special poha or 'salad' like it prefers costs anywhere from Rs 350 to Rs 450. If you have ever had poha for this price tag, it is best to take this piece of information to the grave. People will judge if you tell them. 

What do you think? Is poha salad? 

Last updated: January 30, 2023 | 12:57
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