Puzzled netizens try to make sense of IPL auction's big money

DailyBiteDec 20, 2023 | 16:13

Puzzled netizens try to make sense of IPL auction's big money

72 players were sold for Rs 230.45 crore at the IPL Auction 2024 in Dubai. Photo: IPL/dailyO

The IPL mini-auction held at Dubai's Coca-Cola Arena on Tuesday, December 19, aimed at preparing teams for the 2024 season, witnessed several record-breaking moments.

However, the astonishing amounts spent left netizens baffled, leading to a flood of memes across social media platforms. Australian captain Pat Cummins grabbed headlines by becoming the first player to secure over Rs 20 crore, joining Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) for a whopping Rs 20.50 crore. Not far behind, his bowling counterpart Mitchell Starc surpassed this milestone, commanding an impressive Rs 24.75 crore.


Let's look at the memes then!

  • A netizen thought this auction scene from Akshay Kumar's Welcome perfectly sums up the high bids.
  • Another user pointed out the absence of overseas players for an entire season, despite being highly paid.
  • State of mind, POV: IPL players, Pakistani players, Rohit Sharma fans and the forgetful fans.
  • Chennai Super Kings, the team of the experienced lot just added Ranchin Ravindra, the young Kiwi sensation. The welcome he received!
  • Hyderabad signing Pat Cummins for Rs 20.5 crore called for a take from the food connoisseur too.
  • How do the RCB balling and bowling line ups look after the auction? The following meme would flag the legit difference.

Until then, for more memes, we will have to wait for the IPL 2024.

Last updated: December 20, 2023 | 16:13
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