Seunghan of RIIZE in dating controversy over alleged photos with underage Girl

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaAug 29, 2023 | 17:16

Seunghan of RIIZE in dating controversy over alleged photos with underage Girl

The upcoming K-pop boy band, RIIZE, set to make their debut on September 4, has found itself under the spotlight as fans eagerly seek more information about the new group.

However, Seunghan, one of the members, has become embroiled in a dating controversy due to a series of pictures posted by an SNS(Social Networking Service, popularly used by Koreans to refer to Social Media)  user.


The controversy

An unidentified SNS user shared a series of photos without a known source, alleging that RIIZE member Seunghan visited a hotel with an underage girlfriend while he was still a trainee.

Photo- Pictures posted by the anonymous SNS user(Allkpop)

SNS (Social Networking Service) is a popular term used in Korea to refer to social media in general, rather than a specific app.

Photo credit- Allkpop

The photos quickly went viral, and Seunghan has been avoiding the spotlight amidst the controversy.

On August 29 KST, an announcement was made regarding the scheduled recording of the Naver NOW music show 'NPOP,' disclosing that RIIZE member Seunghan would not be participating.

According to the announcement, RIIZE will proceed with their planned pre-recording for their debut performance on 'NPOP' as scheduled.

Dating among K-pop idols has long been prohibited, leading to numerous controversies over the years. Despite this, Seunghan has received a positive response from fans, with many K-pop enthusiasts dismissing negative comments. They emphasize the importance of respecting someone's privacy and highlight that the claim about the girl's age is currently only a rumor.

Last updated: August 29, 2023 | 17:16
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