Stray Kids' Felix goes viral as the 'blonde guy' at MTV VMAs

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree DebbarmaSep 14, 2023 | 15:30

Stray Kids' Felix goes viral as the 'blonde guy' at MTV VMAs

The MTV VMAs 2023 proved to be an unforgettable evening for K-pop enthusiasts, with TXT and Stray Kids securing the first award of the night, 'Best K-pop' respectively, after delivering electrifying performances that infused the show with added vigour.

Amidst the breathtaking performances by these talented young men, Stray Kids' member Felix managed to captivate audiences worldwide, gaining notoriety as 'The Blonde Guy from Stray Kids.'


So, who exactly is this 'blonde guy' from Stray Kids? Let's delve deeper into this...

Stray Kids' Felix - The Iconic Blonde

Stray Kids clinched the coveted "Best K-Pop" category with their song "S-Class," leaving an indelible mark at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12. Their unforgettable performance only solidified their global impact in the realm of music.

  • During the event, Felix, a distinctive member of the group, stood out with his striking blonde hair, prompting numerous inquiries like, "Who is the blonde guy from Stray Kids?"

  • This sparked lively discussions on Twitter and piqued the curiosity of many, leading to a surge in new fans discovering their music.
  • This phenomenon, fondly referred to as "The Felix Effect" by existing fans, unfolded in real-time.
  • Felix had previously garnered attention for his role in "Social Path," a track featured on Stray Kids' Japanese album, and for his resemblance to the popular character Gojo Satoru from JJK in 2020.

Tweets about Felix as the blonde guy went viral, and Taylor Swift's reaction to Stray Kids' performance became one of the most widely shared moments from the VMAs.

The Viral 'Blonde Guy' Tweets and Taylor Swift's Reaction

Tweets inquiring about Felix's identity flooded the VMAs chatter:


One of the standout moments from the VMAs was Taylor Swift's reaction to Stray Kids.

  • Stray Kids delivered a jaw-dropping performance of "S-Class," securing the 'Best K-pop' award for the same song.
  • The audience, including fans, celebrities, and renowned artists like Taylor Swift, were utterly captivated by their sheer talent.
  • Cameras captured Swift's delight in the music, animated discussions about the group with her friend, and her enthusiastic cheers.
  • This viral moment delighted fans and garnered millions of views. During Stray Kids' acceptance speech, Taylor Swift demonstrated her respect by applauding multiple times.

Stray Kids' meteoric rise in the music industry persists, with each performance and accolade further boosting their global popularity. What's particularly thrilling is their ability to continually pique interest and win over fans worldwide.

Last updated: September 14, 2023 | 15:30
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