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50 years of Sunny Days

This weekend marks 50 years since Sunil Gavaskar made his test debut in the West Indies. It was a year that changed Indian cricket like no other.


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From Pampas to Bay of Bengal: How Maradona transcended oceans and continents

In his death, Maradona underlined the fact that he continued to remain an emotion in an Indian province, 16,500 km away from his birthplace and the city where he was laid to rest.


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Maradona: Hand of God, Foot of GOAT

Diego Maradona, the prodigal Son of God, who was God for us mere mortals, ruled the world with his left leg. And probably got just one help from God, that goal against England where the referee erred.


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Why Djokovic learnt his greatest lesson in his great French Open 2020 defeat against Nadal

At the post-match press conference, Novak Djokovic beautifully summed up why champions constantly evolve: In the greatest of defeats, you learn the greatest of lessons.


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How MS Dhoni gave a nation hope

MS Dhoni was a nation’s hero who cut across age, social and regional boundaries. A true symbol of India’s democracy, in his own unique way, retired on August 15, without a fuss or controversy.


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Dear Dhoni, I am a huge fan. But I want you to go now

We will remain your fans forever, Dhoni. We are used to seeing you finish with a bang, and can't bear to see you walk out with a whimper.


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Balbir Singh Sr’s highest hour: Winning the 1952 Olympic Gold for India

Three consecutive Olympic gold medals don’t come easy and in Balbir Singh Senior’s case, the gold medal was adorned with three hat-tricks, making it that much more special.


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Goodbye, Chuni Goswami: India’s greatest all-round sportsman

Chuni Goswami would come home as a footballer, have dinner and get up the next morning as a cricketer. It came naturally to him.


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Virat, Sachin, Sourav's patriotism has nothing to do with their corona donations

Every cricketer has faced the wrath of the social media police for not coming out in the open and stating if they have donated and how much they have donated.


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Cricketers aren’t speaking On CAA. They have enough reasons not to

The cricket community today would rather be silent on matters of national importance than make statements they don't fully subscribe to.