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Sarfaraz ahmed, Kulcha, India vs pakistan winner, Kuldeep yadav

How India Won: India crushed Pakistan in the World Cup face off. An analysis

Virat and his warriors were unstoppable against Pakistan. The question now is, will the men in blue retain their winning streak?


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Rohit sharma century, India vs pakistan score, India vs pakistan memes, Live score

India vs Pakistan Meme Match: As India-Pak battle on the pitch, social media sees a furious clash. Guess who's winning?

Pakistan’s meme game is just as bad as their fielding.


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Why the Captain is Crucial: How the difference in leadership styles will decide India vs Pakistan today

The fiery Virat Kohli, ably backed by the ice-cool MS Dhoni, could simply be too much for the Pakistanis to handle.


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World cup 2019 india, Virat kohli 2019 world cup, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj singh retirement

Prince of the Media Blitz: Why ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement amidst the World Cup

Do we instantly recall his triumphant Natwest knock or all those rumoured dates with Bollywood glamouristas when we think of him? Well, that's the bane of being Yuvraj Singh in Indian cricket.


 |  Shorts In The Dark |  8-minute read
Army-insignia, Balidaan badge, MS Dhoni, CricketShorts In The Dark

MS Dhoni and his Balidaan: The lessons to learn from women's tennis

The recent brouhaha over MS Dhoni's armed forces insignia turned the whole affair into one of hyper-nationalism, cricket be damned. Personally, I'm with Dhoni, but not for the reasons you'd think.


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Dinesh Karthik, Kl rahul, MS Dhoni, World cup match today

Is Shikhar Dhawan's injury a blessing in disguise for India’s World Cup campaign?

Injuries will happen through the World Cup. But a champion side should approach it with the mindset of a marathon runner rather than the brilliance of a sprinter.


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Mauka ad, Abhinandan varthaman, World Cup 2019, India vs Pakistan

India vs Pakistan match: How cricket is making us very angry

We should use this ‘mauka’ to chill, without getting all heated-up in our air-conditioned rooms.


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Oval, Australia vs india, World Cup 2019

India Vs Australia: SWOT analysis of the two teams and where they stand

India plays Australia at the Oval today. A quick look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats both the teams present.


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MS Dhoni, Army-insignia, Balidaan badge

Wear the Balidaan badge with pride, MS Dhoni: Don't we play for pride of country?

Why it's perfectly logical for MS Dhoni to wear his special badge. After all, the ICC has changed its own rules many a time in the past.


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Pulwama, World cup 2019 india, World Cup 2019, India vs pakistan world cup match

Why India and Pakistan must play: I'm glad Gautam Gambhir is not boycotting India-Pak commentary in World Cup 2019

Playing Pakistan is not about the two points in the World Cup. It’s not even the love for cricket.