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Valentine's Day, Adultery law, Infidelity

I am the ‘other’ woman in his life. But I am not the homewrecker here

Of course, my life is no Bollywood gossip column. In worlds like mine, they never pick us.


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Veere di wedding, Stree, Tumbbad, Me too movement

Best of 2018: The year that was, through movies

5 times Bollywood was way ahead of its time in 2018


 |  3-minute read
Triple Talaq, Adultery law, Me too movement, Section 377 verdict

Section 377 to adultery, Sabarimala to Triple Talaq — why the epic moments of 2018 seem to fade out in 2019

Are we carrying a social hangover of judging people into the new year? A hangover that will override the ground-breaking legal judgements we saw last year?


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Indian Constitution, Adultery, Justice dy chandrachud, Adultery law

Why it was wrong to pronounce law on adultery unconstitutional

Invalidating a statute means thwarting the will of the people.


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Adultery law, Justice dy chandrachud, Sabarimala verdict, Supreme Court

Why 'modern minded' Supreme Court judges need to exercise restraint

It is well settled that a law cannot be declared unconstitutional merely because it is not sufficiently inclusive.


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Supreme Court, Sex outside marriage, Adultery law, Adultery

Criminalising adultery reflects our hypocrisy over sex

A can have sex with the wife of B with the consent of B. But the consent of the wife of A doesn't factor in.


 |  3-minute read
Extramarital affairs, Indian penal code, Supreme Court, Adultery law

The adultery law is totally anti-women. Busting some popular myths

The basis of the law is that wife is a chattel or a property of man.


 |  8-minute read
Marriage, Patriarchy, Supreme Court, Adultery law

The truth behind cheating - Revisiting adultery judgments in India

By giving unbalanced, unequal positions with regard to adultery, is the court trying to actively repress the fissures emanating from marriage?