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Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Article 370 revoked, Jammu and Kashmir

Why the Centre needs to review Kashmir beyond the rosy picture

Beyond the festivities linked to the abrogation of the special status, there lies an evolving story in Jammu and Kashmir that raises concerns on national security and public alienation.


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National Conference, People's democratic party, Jammu and Kashmir, Article370

What drawing the line on J&K’s special status by parties means for the Valley and its politics

From how it looks today, the process of mainstream politics is going to be difficult for quite some time in the Valley. How that plays for this trouble-torn region is what we need to watch.


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Indiancoastguard, Navymarinecommandos, Article370repealed, Amitshah

Jammu and Kashmir’s veneer of ‘normalcy’

No one in the government is convinced that the majority of the people in J&K have reconciled to the constitutional changes in the erstwhile state.


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Article370, Pakistanonkartarpur, Kartarpurcorridor, Kartarpur

Kartarpur Corridor: Pakistan using faith to sow unrest

Pakistan's intention behind the very noble Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara corridor project is nothing but ignoble.