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Judiciary, Death penalty, Asia bibi verdict, Law commission

Why we should rethink the death penalty

We execute the poor. The rich get off.


 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Financial aid, Asia bibi verdict, Pakistan, Imran Khan

What is the truth behind Imran Khan's alleged U-turns?

Imran Khan's comment that Hitler and Napoleon suffered huge defeats as they did not take U-turns has, as usual, drawn flak.


 |  7-minute read
Imran Khan, Tehreek-e-labbaik, Pakistan, Asia bibi verdict

Pakistan burns over Asia Bibi: High time liberal Muslims spoke up for their minorities

The author wishes to stay anonymous owing to the contents of the article.


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Imran Khan, Blasphemy, Asia bibi verdict, Pakistan

Asia Bibi verdict: What is happening in Pakistan now is blasphemy

Allah’s Quran does not have a worldly punishment for blasphemy. It teaches forgiveness.


 |  5-minute read
Pakistan, Imran Khan, Blasphemy laws, Asia bibi verdict

Asia Bibi: Despite best intentions, will Imran Khan be able to quell protests over blasphemy acquittal?

At least in this case, Pakistan Army and PM seem earnest about protecting the rights of minorities and the underprivileged.


 |  6-minute read
Imran Khan, Blasphemy laws, Pakistan, Asia bibi verdict

Pakistan acquits Asia Bibi: A great step, but miles to go, still

Countless brave Pakistanis have suffered, fought against, prayed for and died because of the country’s blasphemy laws.