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The Washington Post, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, India

What ails Western media’s portrayal of India

The problem is that current Western coverage of India is part of deeply entrenched decades, if not centuries, old discourse.


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India, Cheapest car, Ratan Tata, Tata Nano

How Tata Nano took middle class India for a ride

10 years after its launch, Tata Motors has said the world's cheapest car will be phased out by the end of this year.


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NDA Government, UPA, India, Poverty

Overlooking a magnificent change: India is leaving extreme poverty behind, but cynics remain trapped within poor minds

Last month, it was reported that India no longer houses the world’s largest number of extreme poor. But our obsession for 'bad news' made us ignore this stunning development.


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India, Supreme Court, Commercialisation, Forest rest houses

Why SC said quaint forest guest houses can't be transferred to private and commercial entities on PPP

Most of these buildings with high roofs and scientific ventilation are more climate-friendly than any of the new buildings.


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Terrorism, Taliban, India, ISIS

Why ISIS and Taliban threat to Afghanistan's national security should concern India

India needs to be aware of the potentially disastrous consequences for its national security.


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India, Hindu meal, Dubai, Emirates

What happens when you tinker with something 'Hindu'? Learn from Emirates

The price one pays for such frivolous things as a menu change is quite heavy.


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India, Wes anderson, Isle of dogs, Illegal Immigrants

Isle of Dogs: Why Wes Anderson's stop-motion animation film is a real story

There are modern-day democracies pushing for ghettoisation and persecution of a certain 'dog' population in the name of fighting illegal migration, terrorism.


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Standing desk fad, India, Labour Laws, Right to sit

Why it's time to take a stand for the right to sit

While everybody is worried if too much sitting at work will kill them, there are some who have no choice but to stand.


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Subramanian Swamy, India, Lutyens media, Press Freedom

Swamy and friends have it wrong — press freedom in India is a real problem

The media, Lutyens, liberal or otherwise, has more to fear than barbs from Subramanian Swamy.