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Narendra Modi, Pulwama, Hurriyat hypocrisy, Kashmir

What's really biting Kashmir: Separatists have softened their stand with Modi 2.0. But the problem is deeper

Home Minister Amit Shah has made the Modi 2.0 govt's tough stand on Kashmir amply clear. This extends to dealings with Pakistan as well. But the Valley faces a whole new threat.


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Pulwama, World cup 2019 india, World Cup 2019, India vs pakistan world cup match

Why India and Pakistan must play: I'm glad Gautam Gambhir is not boycotting India-Pak commentary in World Cup 2019

Playing Pakistan is not about the two points in the World Cup. It’s not even the love for cricket.


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Balakot, Pulwama, Pakistan, PM Modi

Patriot Games: How the Congress lost the plot on India's security, and lost the election too

The last thing Pakistan wanted was Narendra Modi back as India's PM. They'd have preferred the Congress which is seen as soft on them. But how did Indira Gandhi's party reach such a state?


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Pulwama, National register of citizens, Narendra modi and amit shah

How the BJP's critics and opponents got it totally wrong

The opposition couldn't stop the Modi-Shah duo. Clearly, their strategy was on the softer side.


 |  Tarar Square  |  8-minute read
Balakot, Balakot air strike, Pulwama terrorist attack, Pulwama

How Pakistan is looking at the Indian Lok Sabha elections 2019

For Pakistan, Modi’s term is marked with hyper-nationalistic Pakistan-hating in the backdrop of the unfortunate Pulwama terror attack and its warlike Balakot aftermath. Many wonder what the future now holds for bilateral ties.


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Bangladesh War, Nationalism, Pulwama, Balakot

The Good, Bad and Portentous: Narendra Modi's five-year report card, and how this compares to Mrs Indira Gandhi

Since Modi’s leadership has been closely compared to Indira Gandhi’s, what lessons can he learn from her rise, fall and rise?


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Pulwama, Balakot, Pakistan airspace

Why Pakistan is waiting and watching India: Pak airspace is still not fully opened. What are they afraid of?

Pakistan extending a general closure notice for transit flights till April 24 is significant. By that time, India will complete three phases of the Lok Sabha Elections.


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Kashmir, Pulwama, Balakot, Pakistan

Lt Gen DS Hooda (Retd): 'There is no harm in a retired general joining a political party. I am not joining the Congress though'

Lt General DS Hooda (Retd) spoke with Rohit E David about the national security strategy he has drafted at the behest of the Congress, the govt's Surgical Strike 1 and 2 and why the army does need AFSPA in Kashmir.


 |  Aage Se Right  |  6-minute read
Balakot, Pulwama, Pakistan journalists, Pakistan Army

Beyond Balakot: How the Pakistan army can make journalists who question simply vanish

The way Pakistani journalists are reportedly threatened and silenced by their army, it's no wonder the uniformed men are harbouring terrorists in their backyards, no questions asked.


 |  7-minute read
UNSC, Pulwama, Masood Azhar, Indo-China ties

Great Wall of India: How we can punish China for its Masood Azhar slight, and its attempt to interfere in our elections

China has delivered a blow to the bilateral relationship with its support to terrorist Masood Azhar and tried to meddle in our elections by spiting Narendra Modi, There are strong steps India can take to avenge this.