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 |  Food Fables  |  6-minute read
Sweet tooth, Mughal cuisine, Rampur, Phirni

Not kheer, Rampuri gulathhi is fereni but with a twist

The rich milk and rice sweet dish, gulathhi, finds no mention in ancient recipe books but here, it plays an important celebratory cuisine in a love story.


 |  Food Fables  |  8-minute read
Rampur, Monsoon, Sweet, Andarsey

Rampur ke Andarsey: The gorgeous, crisp, golden-fried sweet is typically monsoon on your plate

Delicious andarsey, once made with rain water, deep-fried in large kadhais brimming with ghee, are inextricably linked with the smell of wet earth, songs of monsoon loves and Indian longings.


 |  3-minute read
Rampur, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Jaya Prada, Azam Khan

Azam Khan is assaulting Jaya Prada through his speeches. EC should ban him from contesting in Rampur

Over the past many years, Khan has lost no opportunity to attack Jaya Prada by hitting her with gender-specific insults. This is far from the level playing field every candidate must have.


 |  11-minute read
Lok Sabha elections 2019, Nt rama rao, Amar Singh, Chandrababu Naidu

Lok Sabha 2019: Like a phoenix, Jaya Prada returns as a BJP candidate

Jaya Prada believes every politician goes through a lean patch. And we believe her's is over.


 |  Food Fables  |  8-minute read
Nawab cuisine, Traditional dish, Khichdi, Rampur

The perfect khichdi: A dish that opens the door to a Rampuri's heart

To refuse a Khichdi Dawat in Rampur is to rebuff an extended arm of friendship. What makes this urad daal and rice dish so iconic though?


 |  Food Fables  |  8-minute read
Food, Biryani, Rampur, Rampuri pulao shahjahani

The quest for Rampuri Pulao: Starring 100-year-old manuscripts, crusty librarians and helpful old khansamas

What do you do when the recipe facing you is using ancient measurements and trusting you to know much more about cooking than you actually do?