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BJP, Sedition, Akhil Gogoi, KMSS

Why Assam RTI activist and farmers' rights leader has been arrested under NSA

Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti chief Akhil Gogoi was initially arrested on charges of sedition.


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Hypernationalism, Sedition, Anti-national, WhatsApp

Sedition law is wrong. Arresting Muslim man for receiving WhatsApp message more so

The Chennai incident goes on to show how misguided interpretations of ‘anti-national’ make the minorities vulnerable to draconian laws.


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Free Speech, Wendy Doniger, Sedition, Censorship Laws

How young Indians are growing up censored and silenced

[Book excerpt] Life choices that do not fall in line with the censor’s own worldview are quickly branded 'anti-social' or in the case of 'anti-national'.


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Sedition, Kashmir, Arundhati Roy, Paresh Rawal

What did Arundhati Roy say on Kashmir that prompted Paresh Rawal's obnoxious tweet?

The BJP MP and Bollywood actor said the Booker-winning writer should be tied to an Army jeep.


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UGC, Sedition, PU, Panjab University

Why is Panjab University using sedition against students protesting fee hike?

They have been charged under the law despite not having expressed dissent against the government.


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M Venkaiah Naidu, Slogans, Sedition

When Modi sarkar reveals its plans to bring in a more draconian sedition law

The colonial relic, which in itself should be done away with, might be given a more macabre makeover, if Venkaiah Naidu is to be believed.


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Supreme Court, Defamation, Sedition

By not striking against sedition, Supreme Court let itself down

The Indian Constitution is guided by a concept of 'reasonableness' especially against intimidation.


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Sedition, Narendra Modi, Markandey Katju, Preamble

Justice Katju rewrites the Constitution of India

India, that is Bharat, shall be a collection of fools, to be ruled by crooks, gangsters, deceivers, frauds and looters.


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JNU, Section 124A, Sedition

Can Modi rectify the 'democracy-deficit'?

Despite an incremental economic agenda, the PM is unable to control culturally and socially the tyranny of dogma that is drowning the voice of reason.