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Vladimir Putin, Soviet union, Book excerpt, Research and analysis wing

Was former girlfriend of Putin a RAW agent?

An exclusive excerpt from journalist Yatish Yadav's new book, RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations, that is the first comprehensive account of Indian spy networks and their role in securing and advancing Indian interests.


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Novichok nerve agent, Vladimir Putin, Nerve agent, Thesalisburypoisonings

The Salisbury Poisonings: How Britain traced, tracked and tested in 2018

Russia was out to get a man convicted of high treason, risking the lives of over 50,000 Britons.


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India-Russia relations, Vladimir Putin, Eastern economic forum, Modi in Russia

Why India and Russia need to push the refresh button on their ties

Global trends are evolving rapidly and major powers must redefine ties with each other to match contemporary requirements.


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Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Amethi rifle unit, Kalashnikov rifles

To Russia with love: Undeterred by looming threat of US sanctions, why India is going ahead with joint ventures with Russian arms firms

A majority of the government-to-government deals are being directly steered by the PMO underlining their strategic nature.


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Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Narendra Modi, Namo hoodie

Why we love NaMo T-shirts, Kim thongs and shirtless Putin calendars

Political merchandise is spreading worldwide like a hot rash! And it's often women who are credited for the rising popularity of male politicians on calendars, cups, even thongs!


 |  5-minute read
Narendra Modi, 19th annual summit, Vladimir Putin, Bilateral relationship

Why Vladimir Putin's India visit is of great significance

The 19th annual summit between India and Russia held last week testifies to the highest level attention that both countries give to their bilateral relationship.


 |  8-minute read
Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Bilateral Ties, India-Russia relations

19th Annual Bilateral Summit 2018: Where India-Russia relations stand today

The two nations have a rich history together. But new pressures from the USA, China and Pakistan may impact ties significantly. PM Modi and President Putin stand at a threshold today


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South china sea, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, China-russia

What India has to fear if Russia and China join hands

New Delhi must step up its Russia outreach when Russian President Vladimir Putin visits India next month.


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United States, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump

Why America’s current Russophobia defies reasoning

Trump has consistently favoured a dialogue with Moscow, while the US Congress maintains its anti-Russian sentiments.


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USA, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Diplomacy

The tragedy of being Donald Trump

The American president's shambolic approach to diplomacy has made sure that he has compounded problems for the US.