A man got a chip implanted in his hand to unlock his Tesla and he is not the first to do so

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsAug 23, 2022 | 18:28

A man got a chip implanted in his hand to unlock his Tesla and he is not the first to do so

A man got a chip implanted in his hand to unlock his Tesla

Technology is getting advanced by the day, and so are we the users. Getting a chip inserted under the skin is the latest fad that everyone is trying, in order to make their simple life, simpler (after some not-so-simple procedures).

Technology allows humans to get a chip inserted in your skin, and many are experimenting with it. People are trying to pay bills, cheat during an exam, unlock their car and whatnot - all with the chips we are talking about.


This might sound unreal, but people are trying it all.

Take a look at 4 times when people chose weird tech solutions.

1. A chip in hand to unlock car

In a video going viral these days, a man can be seen getting a chip implanted in his right hand. He can now use the chip to unlock his Tesla.

In the video, he shared the complete process of the implantation, followed by a demo of the chip in which he unlocks his Tesla with his hand and not the key.

Brandon also mentioned on Twitter that --

2. Bluetooth device to cheat in exam

Cheating during an exam in the 90s seemed to be one of the most difficult tasks. With the help of hand gestures, chits and whispering, students managed to share answers with each other.


But this is 2022. Cheating during examination has also evolved.

In an incident from February 2022, a medical student in Indore got a micro Bluetooth device surgically inserted into his ear to cheat during the exam.

The student had failed the exams 11 years in a row and this was his last attempt. So, he found this clever solution which failed miserably as the teacher found a phone in his pocket. 

3. Got chip inserted live on stage

In February 2019, a man volunteered to have a chip inserted under his skin at a trade fair in Barcelona, Spain. The chip contained credentials that helped open the door of his house.

At the same event, another man got one inserted that could make payments.

4. Chips in hands for various purposes

A 29-year-old software engineer has four chips implanted in his hands that can be used for various things.

He has one to unlock his Tesla. The other one is a magnet that he uses to pick and move compatible stuff.


Other chips also help him copy someone’s contact from his phone onto the chip. They also help him operate his home’s smart devices.

There is some good too...

Well, there are some good ones as well. This technology has also helped many disabled individuals perform day-to-day activities normally.

Last updated: August 23, 2022 | 18:28
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