How Twitter took a bite off Apple's event of the year

Nishant Nayyar
Nishant NayyarSep 10, 2015 | 18:26

How Twitter took a bite off Apple's event of the year

Apple's annual fall event, where they showcase a marquee of their widely-appreciated products, was one of the most talked about trends on Twitter, even before the event started and long after it ended. But, something (or in this case, some features of the products) were widely ridiculed amongst technophiles, bloggers and well even some well regarded publications. Here's a lowdown of the timeline that was rather amusing: 


Apple iPad pro was applauded by the house for being a product that would end the tablet-netbook war once and for all. Even as Apple "profoundly" confirmed the rumour mill speculations, the house was in awe of the new 12.9 inch tablet - but some were just not that impressed. Or, as I would like to say will no longer fall for Apple's snob value.

Despite unveiling the Adobe PS Fox - a tool that would entice the creative fraternity around the globe at the word go, some were just not bewildered. Even, though Apple had conveniently killed Adobe's Flash product, used widely by websites, video games, films and animation and also RIA (rich internet applications), back in 2007, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth called them back for an association. Well, we can now very well say: all that happens in Silicon Valley stays in Silicon Valley?

But, that wasn't all! Apple's biggest competitor, not just today but from decades, was also a part of the coveted event. And amidst the hullabaloo, Microsoft seemed to be more inclined towards Apple's products than their own. Well, another Silicon Valley feat maybe. 


Amongst the "much awaited" list of products was a rather unusual product. An Apple Pencil, as they would like to name a product that the world is familiar with as a stylus. Yes, and this is probably the only pencil that is not only expensive (costs a whopping $99), but also gets charged. Take that Natraj and Faber Castell. Oh, and for the uninitiated, when the late Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone back in 2007, he was furiously, wrathfully and energetically against the "Stylus" - what now Apple calls an Apple Pencil.

And while product by product, feat by feat, Apple unveiled more products (amongst other upgradations), I kept asking myself - am I not aware of all of this already? I mean, where did the originality and secretiveness of the world's biggest tech company go? Can they not save themselves from the petty leaks, the rumour mills (which in yesterday's case were bang on at every product)? And then I conceded to the fact that Apple is no more the Apple I grew up looking up to, or is it ?! 


Also, coming back to the iPad pro, I'm a bit confused. For the first time the company has blatantly (if at all it is safe to say here) followed up on an already existing product and tried to hit it where it hurts the most. CASE IN POINT - Microsoft Surface Pro. Yes, the newly launched iPad Pro is as big as the Surface Pro, comes with a similar sort of a keypad, and brings almost the same utility on the table. Also, what happens to the sales of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro? Is Apple on a product killing spree of its own? Well, that only time will tell. 

Moving on to the iPhones. Yes, many, including myself, have waited to see what the next set of iPhone models would look like. The rate at which our anticipation grew, as the keynote speakers moved from one product to another,  was killed even with a greater pace. I mean there was everything besides bringing something new on the block. Don't believe me? Watch these tweets: 

Oh, and while Apple has been copying the similar trends while making their own products, they have intentionally or unintentially takings digs at other brands of the world too: 

But, Apple refrained to show some consideration for its user's genuine concern, like this: 

And while Apple managed to garner a major outburst of #AppleEvent tweets and leaving many awestruck (really, there are many who'd still buy the iPhone6S) completely, the market investors proved that they are, well, brighter than the average shoe. 

Well, better luck next time Apple. Do come around with more genuine, incredible inventions.

Last updated: September 10, 2015 | 18:26
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