Google will give you a free Pixel Watch 2 if you preorder Pixel 8 Pro. But there's a catch

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulSep 27, 2023 | 12:43

Google will give you a free Pixel Watch 2 if you preorder Pixel 8 Pro. But there's a catch

Google appears to be gearing up for an offer that could entice potential buyers of its highly anticipated Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. Rumour has it that if you're quick to preorder the Pixel 8 Pro, they'll toss in a shiny new Pixel Watch 2 for free. 


Leaked information suggests that Google might be planning to sweeten the deal by offering their flagship smartwatch to those who pre-order their latest smartphone.


Now, why would you want to snag this combo?

  • Well, it could soften the blow of a potential price hike for the Pixel 8 Pro, which some whispers say could start at a hefty $999 (Rs 83,145). But with a free Pixel Watch 2 in the mix, suddenly that flagship phone is looking like a steal at $650 (or Rs 54,100), at least if those price rumours hold any water.
  • To put this into perspective, the original Pixel Watch is priced at $349.99 (Rs 29,130) for the non-cellular version.

Interestingly, Wojciechowska hinted that, at least for business customers, the Pixel 8 Pro's pricing could remain in line with its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro, which retailed for $899 (it sold for Rs 85,000 in India).

This could provide businesses with an attractive incentive to upgrade to the latest Google hardware.

What does the Pixel Watch 2 have to offer?

However, the perks don't stop there. Leaks shed light on the impressive features expected to accompany the Pixel Watch 2. 

  • Its 24-hour battery life is a significant improvement over its predecessor. 
  • The watch is touted to offer stress and skin temperature detection, which could be valuable for health-conscious users. 
  • It is expected to feature a continuous electrodermal activity sensor, similar to the technology employed by Fitbit Sense 2. This feature could enable advanced health tracking and insights, setting the Pixel Watch 2 apart in the smartwatch market.
  • Google appears to be positioning the Pixel Watch 2 as a robust fitness companion, with automatic workout detection for seven different activities, including running and outdoor cycling. 
  • Google has also redesigned the back of the watch to accommodate three new sensors, potentially enhancing its overall functionality.

This expanded range of workout tracking capabilities addresses a shortcoming of the original Pixel Watch, which lacked some of these features.

 In terms of aesthetics and customisation, the Pixel Watch 2 is set to offer a variety of options. It will come in four colour combinations:

  • Polished Silver/Bay
  • Matte Black/Obsidian
  • Champagne Gold/Hazel, and
  • Polished Silver/Porcelain. 

Google has also introduced new Metal Slim and Active Sport bands, giving users the freedom to personalise their device to suit their style and needs.


What about availability in India?

For consumers in India, there's good news as well.

  • The Pixel Watch 2 is confirmed to launch in the country, with its price reveal scheduled for October 5, indicating Google's commitment to expanding its hardware offerings in a key market like India.

While Google's been a bit tight-fisted with pre-order perks in the US, this could be the start of something big – or should we say, wrist-worthy.

In Europe, they've been showering customers with freebies like Pixel Watches and Bose headphones. It's about time India gets in on the action as well.

But here's the kicker

There's no safety net for clumsy Pixel Watch owners. If your Pixel Watch takes an accidental tumble, it's more of a farewell than a fix-it situation.

The Pixel Watch 2's circular bezel-less display and rotating crown on the side maintain the design continuity seen in its predecessor, making it familiar yet refined.

  • Google contends that due to the intricate and compact design of the Pixel Watch, repairing it is an extremely challenging endeavour, particularly when it comes to common problems such as screen issues.
  • They argue that any repair attempts may potentially exacerbate the issue and thus recommend considering the purchase of a new device instead.

With regard to warranties, Pixel Watch owners find themselves without additional options for coverage against damage from accidents, drops, or unexpected impacts.

Google's Store does not offer an extended warranty plan for the Pixel Watch, leaving users without recourse in the event of accidental damage.

Despite the high expectations surrounding the release of Google's Pixel Watch, it has garnered criticism primarily related to hardware malfunctions, such as screen corruption and flickering. Google's response to these concerns has taken an unexpected turn.

As the October 4 Made by Google launch event approaches, it's clear that Google is leaving little to imagination, and consumers have much to look forward to. But does the Pixel Watch 2’s plethora of problems make the deal a little too good to be true? Guess only time will tell (pun intended).

Last updated: September 27, 2023 | 12:45
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