Now that Threads is here, 7 Twitter clones you need to know about

Sushim Mukul
Sushim MukulJul 07, 2023 | 11:17

Now that Threads is here, 7 Twitter clones you need to know about

Some estimates say Twitter has over 250 clones worldwide. 

In response to Meta's threads launch, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey took to Twitter and exclaimed, “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 7 Twitter clones.” While Jack himself was involved in the creation of two of these clones, he defended his case by claiming that Bluesky and Nostr are more like friendly blueprints for Twitter to expand upon.

It seems to be the wild west of Twitter spin-offs!


Believe it or not, the thread (not the threads) had a comment with 'tears of joy smiley' from Elon Musk himself.

Whether we consider them true clones or not is up for debate. But hey, let's seize this moment to reminisce about those audacious clones that sprouted from the idea of fostering 'online communities.'

What are Twitter clones, BTW?

Twitter clones are like mischievous siblings imitating the popular social media platform, Twitter. Created by independent developers or companies, they mimic features like user profiles, tweeting, following, and receiving updates.

While they offer a fresh twist or experimental features, developers must be cautious not to step on Twitter's toes and end up in legal hot water. Remember, imitation may be flattering, but copyright infringement is not!

A Copycats lineup

BlueSky: The Jack Dorsey brainchild from 2021, aims to revolutionise the Twitterverse. Unlike traditional Twitter clones, BlueSky isn't just another copycat, per se. It's a protocol that Twitter itself can build upon, like a fancy foundation for a futuristic Twitter utopia. With an invite-only beta, the hype is real (though we've seen hype come and go, like that time with Clubhouse). Bluesky has attracted around 50,000 users and has been downloaded over 375,000 times.


Whoa, people are even trying to sell invites on eBay!

Nostr: Move aside, BlueSky! Nostr, Jack's decentralised darling, is a platform where users can exchange cryptic signed messages through a web of relays. It's dropping later this month. No censorship here!  Nostr doesn't hoard user data or identities, creating a wild, competitive landscape. Oh, and did we mention it's Bitcoin-friendly?

Mastodon: The Rebel Alliance of Social Media! In 2016, Eugen Rochko defied the centralised overlords and launched Mastodon. It's like a galaxy of interconnected servers, where users can 'toot' their hearts out and engage in inter-instance banter. With each instance being a unique outpost with its own rules, it's a rebellious haven for those craving control, privacy, and diverse communities. the platform looked to accommodate diverse voices combating online harassment too. No Darth Zuckerberg here! 

Spill: As Twitter users seek refuge from Elon Musk's reading limits, a fresh contender emerges, Spill, the Black-owned social media sensation. Founded by former Twitter employees, with its invite-only beta version, Spill aims to be the go-to platform for discovering and discussing global culture. Users can spill their thoughts, along with gifs and photos, in a safe and diverse environment. The "Spill is visual conversation at the speed of culture" intro on the homepage says it all.


Birda: Birda lets users connect, share, and identify various bird species in different locations. Forget breaking news and random tidbits, this platform is all about the Aves kingdom. Unlike traditional platforms, Birda is all about bird-watching and outdoor exploration. It's like combining social networking with a hobby that gets people out of their homes and into the great outdoors. While Birda may not directly compete with Twitter, it offers a unique and exciting alternative.

NotRealTwitter: A platform reminiscent of Twitter but with significantly inferior features, has a distinct purpose: showcasing the future of software development rather than competing with Twitter or offering a fresh social media experience. The site serves as a demonstration that in 2025, software creation will predominantly involve individuals from diverse backgrounds employing logical thinking, rather than relying solely on professional coders. Surprisingly, the site's creator, who lacks coding expertise, managed to build it in a mere four days back in 2015, without writing a single line of code

POST: Known as Post.news, emerged in the latter in 2022 as a viable Twitter alternative with a distinct focus on news sharing, opinion exchange, and fostering thoughtful dialogue. Post stands out as a social networking platform that seeks to rekindle intelligent discourse within the realm of social media. It positions itself as a space where users can explore, consume, engage with, and disseminate high-quality news content.

While Jack Dorsey's tweet may have missed the mark on the flying car front, it certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to the enormous number of Twitter clones taking the social media landscape by storm. It seems imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, especially in the realm of tweet-worthy clones!

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