Planning to buy an iPhone? Try these 5 tips to save money

Varsha Vats
Varsha VatsAug 01, 2022 | 15:39

Planning to buy an iPhone? Try these 5 tips to save money

The new iPhone 14 is all set to launch worldwide. While many (those who can afford it and those who are ready to sell their kidneys for it) are excited to grab the latest iPhone, others are busy purchasing the older versions of the phone at the best price.

Before the launch of the new iPhone, you get never-like-before deals on the older versions. But the truth is that iPhones are costly even after all the discounts. Therefore, we are here to help you to save money on your next iPhone purchase.


5 tips to save money on your next iPhone purchase

1. Do some legwork: If you want to save more money, wear your most comfortable shoes to visit every possible store. These days every store is offering different deals. You may feel exhausted after the whole process, but visiting every store and listening to each of their additional offers might help you in many ways.

2. Do not miss the sale: Sales on iPhone may not last for very long, but it can offer you the best deals. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out on all the sales in the market. Many times the older versions of iPhones are on sale after the launch of the new version. So, stay alert to grab the right deal at the right time.

3. Exchange, if possible: If you are already an iPhone user and want to upgrade, giving away your old device can help bring down the overall cost significantly.

4. Pick the right debit/credit card: Usually, there are exciting offers with different bank cards. Many times there are cashbacks up to 7,000 per iPhone purchase. So, if you have a card from the required bank account, congratulations. If not, ask your friends and relatives.


5. Call your friends abroad: It is the best possible way to save the maximum amount of money on Apple devices. The prices of Apple devices are way too less abroad than in India. Therefore, it is time to listen to those endless bragging sessions of your friends and relatives living abroad to prevent a hole in your pocket.

Last updated: August 01, 2022 | 15:39
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