'Recite Quran verses, win the game': How Fortnite turned into a religious battleground

Sweta Gupta
Sweta GuptaJun 05, 2023 | 18:07

'Recite Quran verses, win the game': How Fortnite turned into a religious battleground

Read Quran win the game, ‘Fortnite’ turns into a religious battleground. religious conversion on virtual battlefield

'Fortnite' is an online video game popular amongst youngsters, where the players fight against enemies to survive on the battleground. But in this case, the game got intense when some Muslim boys created IDs in Hindu names and asked teenagers to recite Quran verses to win the game.

What happened?

  • A case of religious conversion came to light when some people made fake IDs and asked the gamers to recite Quran in order to win the game, Fortnite. A case of religious conversion was registered on May 30 at Kavi Nagar PS in Ghaziabad, UP.
  • Shahnawaz Khan alias Baddo, a resident of Thane, Maharashtra, and Nanni alias Abdul Rehman, a Maulvi at a mosque in Sanjay Nagar area, were the two people identified, reported ANI.
  • Rehman, who was arrested, tried to convert a minor Jain boy and two Hindu boys. Electronic evidence and affidavits related to it have been seized by the police, the news agency reported.
  • They were shown videos of Zakir Naik, an Indian Islamic Televangelist and Tariq Jameel, a Pakistani Islamic Televison preacher to convert them to Islam. 

Survival of the fittest in Fortnite

The game Fortnite that keeps the players hooked till the end is a popular online video game developed by Epic Games, and was first released in 2017. 

The premier battle royale game with its unique cartoon-style graphics and construction mechanics is a gaming platform where up to 100 players compete against each other on a virtual island. 

The game is won by making sure you are the last player or team standing by eliminating opponents while avoiding being eliminated themselves. 

The game gets you real bad as your goal is same as the other 99 players. The four person squad or 50 vs 50 team modes reduces the number of enemy combatants but that doesn't stop you from competing indirectly with your teammates to get the best of score. 


Take a deep dive, dig in, load and shoot

Players start each match by skydiving onto the island and scavenge for weapons, resources and other required items to survive and gain advantage which will help you stand out your opponent. 

The game features a unique building mechanic, which allows players to construct structures using gathered resources like wood, stone, and metal which is further used for self defensive purposes by building ramps and forts which is a tactical advantage. 

The game is available on multiple platforms like PC, consoles, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. 

Reaching out to real players through virtual mode across the globe

Fortnite is a multiplayer online game which enables players from across the world with players from different locations.
When you start playing Fortnite, considering factors like your skill level and the region you are playing from it creates a group of people for the match which once set are put into a lobby area where one can interact with each other. 


Players can communicate through voice chat, text chat or emotes. 

When the match begins, all players board the "Battle Bus", a flying vehicle that traverses the island. Each player descents onto the island jumping off the Battle Bus whenever they want.

Last updated: June 05, 2023 | 18:07
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