Here's what the coolest concept cars of the future look like

DailyBiteOct 28, 2017 | 17:11

Here's what the coolest concept cars of the future look like

We're in the middle of the annual Tokyo Motor Show (October 27-November 5) which is famous for showcasing the weirdest, most spectacular — yet crazy — cars created by man. This year's show has been no different. Automakers have taken to the show to show off the most whacky and crazy concept cars that could soon take over our roads in the future. 


Regardless of the designs, the themes also remained pretty much the same, with the future electric and autonomous vehicles taking centre stage. 

From to AI-driven cars, to futuristic cargo delivery pods, and sleek sports cars, Tokyo saw it all. So without further ado, let's take a look at the best this year's show had to offer.

Nissan IMx

This car by Nissan, unveiled at the motor show, is an electric vehicle which the company claims can travel around 373miles or 600km on a single charge, making it a far superior option to Tesla's Model X. But its great mileage is not close to being its coolest feature. The car comes with a number of cool tricks up its sleeve, one of them being its ability to sing to warn about its presence. 

The Nissan IMx also has a very whacky design that sees its windshield extend all the way to the rear of the car and doors that open out like a cabinet, with no central pillar, making this truly a car of the future.


Toyota Concept-i

Toyota again showed off its Concept-i vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, and we will be lying if we said that these cars are not straight out of the future. The Concept-i car is as concept-y as concept cars get and looks straight out of a science fiction movie. Apart from being electric, these cars have a built-in artificial intelligence, nicknamed “Yui”, that is designed to “learn from and grow with the driver”.



Honda Sports EV Concept

One of the most gorgeous cars to have been showcased at the show was the Honda Sports EV Concept. This car, which will run on an electric engine, is definitely what all sports cars of the future should aspire to look like. Don't believe us? Well, see for yourself. 


Mazda Vision Coupe

Arguably the hottest car to be seen at the motor show, the Mazda Vision Coupe turned many a heads at the event with its sleek looks. The car exudes luxury and looks like something that we would see in a bond movie in 2050.


Kai Concept Hatchback

This four-door hatchback unveiled by Mazda in Tokyo is what the next-generation Mazda3 could look like, and we can't say we're disappointed. Mazda says that the Kai also embodies the company's next-gen SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture platform and the newest SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine family. The new vehicle architecture is an evolution of the current SKYACTIV design, it added. 



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