Why Elon Musk's X is asking for your biometric data too

Sweta Gupta
Sweta GuptaAug 31, 2023 | 13:08

Why Elon Musk's X is asking for your biometric data too

The company might gather biometric details to enhance safety.

X, the social network that was earlier known as Twitter, has spiced things up by shaking its privacy rules. They're now diving into a whole new world of info gathering: biometric data.

In the latest development, Elon Musk also unveiled new features like video and voice calls. 


  • According to the updated policy, the company stated, "With your permission, we might gather and utilise your biometric details to enhance safety, security, and identification measures."
  • X doesn't spill the beans on what they label as biometric, but others have tossed around the term to mean data picked from your face, eyes, and fingerprints.

Social media companies have often faced criticism from users and regulators all over the world due to the way they gather information and use that data.

This includes selling ads that match a person's interests and browsing history. It is not sure yet how X will gather the biometric data or how they'll use it.

Plans for X

  • Elon Musk, who bought Twitter last year, has mentioned that one of his main goals is to get rid of fake accounts on the platform.
  • He also wants to encourage more users to use a special service that costs $8 (Rs 661) a month and gives them a blue check mark.
  • This mark shows they're more likely to be real people, not bots.
  • X also mentioned its plans to collect details about users' work and educational backgrounds.

"We might gather and utilise your personal details (like your work history, educational background, job preferences, skills, job search actions, and more) to suggest possible job opportunities, share with potential employers during job applications, help employers find suitable candidates, and display more fitting advertisements," the revised privacy policy reads.


The privacy policy controversy

Back in May, Twitter consented to a $150 million fine for purportedly breaking the Federal Trade Commission Act and a 2011 FTC order.

This happened because of its alleged misrepresentation regarding the use of private user contact details.

A lawsuit filed this year alleges X collected and used biometric data from US' Illinois residents without consent.

The suit, dated July 11, claims X didn't adequately inform Twitter users about collecting their biometric identifiers from photos with visible faces. This lawsuit adds to Twitter's privacy troubles.

Last updated: August 31, 2023 | 13:08
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