X Premium subscribers can now keep their liked posts private

Sweta Gupta
Sweta GuptaSep 15, 2023 | 15:37

X Premium subscribers can now keep their liked posts private

Musk had expressed his desire for private likes in the past. (Photo Credits: Getty Images/Twitter)

If you're a premium member of the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), they recently announced that you can now make your likes tab private.

When you activate this feature, the likes section will vanish from your X Premium profile. You can try out this new feature by adjusting your settings during the early access phase.


  • X Premium users can now hide their likes from public view, as announced by X.
  • When turned on, the likes tab disappears completely from their profiles.
  • For users looking to keep things private, the bookmarks feature, available to all users, can serve a similar purpose.
  • It remains unclear what would occur if a user ever canceled their X Premium subscription, but it's likely that the likes tab would reappear at that point.
  • This is Musk's latest move to entice paying users to X, as part of X's determined push to attract more subscribers, especially since their US ad revenue has dropped by 60%. 

You can join as a premium member for just $8 (Rs 664) per month or $84 (Rs 6,977) per year, giving you early access to new features and, of course, the coveted verified blue checkmark.

Celebrities' accidental likes and Twitter privacy

It also offers a way for premium subscribers to discreetly like controversial tweets.

  • Over the years, Twitter likes have caused embarrassment for famous users who didn't realize their likes were visible to the public.
  • In 2017, Republican Senator Ted Cruz's official account accidentally liked a pornographic clip, with the senator blaming a staffer for pressing the wrong button.
  • Pop star Harry Styles had a similar mishap in 2014, though he quickly unliked it and replaced it with a spree of favorited animal pictures.
  • Harry Styles' Twitter account only had 10 favorites before he accidentally liked a pornographic tweet.
  • This made it easy for fans to find the tweet with #HarryDontLickAnything trending.
  • Samuel L Jackson trended on Twitter for accidentally liking adult content on his public, verified account.
  • Fans and users joked that he may have forgotten his likes were visible to the public.
Screenshot of Samuel's Twitter Likes. (Photo Credits: Unilad)

Musk implemented another change to the platform. They have removed the "quotes" count from under posts.

Now, if users want to see how many quotes their posts have received, they must click on the three dots at the top and select "View post engagements."


Following this announcement, it's likely that more public figures and officials will consider subscribing to X's premium service.

Last updated: September 15, 2023 | 15:37
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