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Author of Know About RSS and CEO of Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra.


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RSS and Mahatma Gandhi's assassination: Myths vs facts

All RSS shakhas were asked to be closed for 13 days to mourn Gandhi's demise.


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Bharat Bandh fizzled out. But the real problem stays

India has become too influenced by a western 'consumption' economy and too open to global vulnerabilities. We need a swadeshi growth model.


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Urban Naxalism is real in India: How the situation already resembles William S Lind's Fourth Generation Warfare

Unlike the first, second and third generations of warfare, this warfare intends to destroy a state from within.


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The RSS led the fight against Emergency - Just look up its archival history

An impression has been sought to be created that Balasaheb Deoras asked Indira Gandhi for clemency.