Shashank Shekhar Shukla
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The writer is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and is pursuing his PhD. Economics from IIM Lucknow.


 |   4-minute read

Why printing more money will help the post-Covid Great Indian Economic Revival

In order to tide over the Covid-19 crisis and kickstart the economy, the government should consider printing money and transferring the equivalent amount directly into the 30 crore Jan Dhan accounts.


 |   6-minute read

Why India needs to be prepared for a tactical winter offensive by China

In order to exert its regional hegemony by humiliating India while sending a message to the West, China will not withdraw from its currently occupied positions in Pangong Tso and Depsang.


 |   4-minute read

How online education is increasing inequity for underprivileged students

While online education can be supplementary to classroom efforts, it can never be a replacement of the classroom model of learning for the millions of underprivileged students in India.