10 brands from Shark Tank India 1 that made it big after the show

Shaurya Thapa
Shaurya ThapaJan 18, 2023 | 09:00

10 brands from Shark Tank India 1 that made it big after the show

From healthy ice-creams to quirky footwear, Shark Tank's debut season saw some memorable success stories (photo-DailyO)

Be it for the memes or the judges, Shark Tank India’s debut season was a huge hit among audiences. Currently in its second season, the financial reality show continues to amass a large viewership. But getting to the business side of it, some companies and startups did manage to increase their valuation and public image significantly with the newfound fame that the show gave them.


Here are a few notable cases in point. 

1. Tagz Foodz

While Lays and Kurkure might still dominate the chips market in India, the country’s metropolitan hubs seem to be transitioning towards healthier options such as Lays launching its own baked line of chips, along with brands like Too Yumm and now Tagz Foodz.

Selling healthier “popped” chips as their main product, Tagz Foodz now has distribution networks in 20 cities, along with foreign markets in Kuwait and Australia. Tagz has seen a 3X growth ever since it settled for a deal of Rs 70 lakh (with 2.75% equity). 

2. Auli Lifestyle

Auli founder Aishwarya Biswas managed to win over Shark Namita Thapar, following which she began her company’s retail distribution. Now, Auli Lifestyle’s brand of cruelty-free, ayurvedic skincare essentials has a monthly valuation between Rs 30 to 37 lakh (earlier had a monthly sale Rs 10-12 lakh). 

3. The Sass Bar

Artisanal soaps in the shapes of cupcakes and ice-creams. That is what The Sass Bar sells, with its products being quite aesthetic right at first glance. The company’s monthly sales have gone up from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10-20 lakh ever since it signed a deal on Shark Tank India for Rs 50 lakh and 35% equity. 


4. Skippi Ice Pops

The icicle brand Skippi Ice Pops are selling packaged “stickless” popsicles similar to the ones sold by the Indian company FruitChill. However, Skippi could still set itself apart with its vibrant packaging and summer-friendly flavours, becoming the first startup to get a nod from all the Sharks on the show.

Today, Skippi has a monthly collection of Rs 70 lakh, as opposed to their monthly collections of Rs 4-5 lakh earlier. The company has also started exporting its icy products to Nepal, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Uganda. 

5. Namhya Foods

When it comes to food brands, a leading trend in Shark Tank India Season 1 was to market healthy all-natural superfoods. Namhya Foods is no exception but it stood out with its focus on ancient Indian ways of incorporating specific herbs in the diet.

After closing a deal of Rs 50 lakh with 10% equity, Namhya managed to secure a monthly sales record of Rs 40 lakh and will be launching distribution centres in UAE, UK, US, and Canada.

6. BrainWired

One of the most innovative and lauded ideas in Season 1 was by the agricultural tech firm BrainWired that pitched a livestock health monitoring, and tracking system named WeSTOCK.


With a deal of Rs 60 lakh and 10% equity, the BrainWired team has managed to skyrocket their sales from a meagre monthly collection of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 35 lakh. 

7. Get-A-Whey

Eating ice-creams can be quite a “weighty” affair but Get-A-Whey attempts to fix that with their protein-rich, low-cal, and sugar-free ice-creams that were an instant hit among the Sharks, thanks to the diverse flavours and neat presentation.

The mother-son duo of Jimmy and Jash Shah are the brains behind the startup that had monthly sales of Rs 20 lakh. Post Shark Tank India, this number has risen to Rs 80 lakh and even Rs 1 crore!

8. Hammer Lifestyle 

It is only poetic for the smart gadget/speaker brand Hammer saw a massive rise in sales at a show where one of the judges happens to be the founder of the homegrown speaker giant boAt (Aman Gupta). Their other products include electronic toothbrushes, smartwatches, grooming products and many more.

Hammer Lifestyle have upgraded their technology and increased their team ever since they bagged a deal at the show. Now, their monthly sales have increased from Rs 70 lakh to Rs 2 crore. 

9. Nomad Food Project

In a country where chicken and mutton dominate the meat market, a bacon-only brand can be a risky venture. And yet, college buddies-turned-business partners Aditya Rai and Advaith Inamke went to Shark Tank to introduce Nomad Foods, a brand that sells bacon thechas (a spicy chutney-like condiment), jams, and spreads. Pre-Shark Tank, they made Rs 5 lakh per month. Now, the monthly collection is at Rs 19 lakh. 

10. Quirky Naari

Similar to Chumbak and other desi-firangi hybrid brands, Quirky Naari was introduced on Shark Tank as India’s first hand-painted denim brand with Mathura-based founder Malvica Saxena showcasing some quirkily cool footwear (including LED shoes) and apparel.

After bagging a deal of Rs 35 lakh with 15% equity, the brand has had a slight increase in monthly sales (from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh) and started receiving international orders. 


Last updated: January 18, 2023 | 09:00
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