After delivering apples, Blinkit will now deliver Apple products in minutes. But only if you are in Mumbai or Delhi

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathSep 19, 2022 | 13:37

After delivering apples, Blinkit will now deliver Apple products in minutes. But only if you are in Mumbai or Delhi

Apple iPhones and apples, both will reach you in minutes through BlinkIt. (Photo: Getty Images)

In an industry-first for both Apple and Blinkit, the quick e-commerce platform Blinkit will now deliver Apple products directly to your home in minutes, just like it delivers groceries. Though this service will start in Mumbai and Delhi for now, the move will position Blinkit as a competitor to Flipkart and Amazon while also reducing the delivery time for electronic gadgets, making them directly accessible at home.


First, about Apple products and their availability: Last week, Apple launched its much-awaited iPhone 14 lineup along with three new Apple watches and second-generation AirPods Pro. These Apple products are resold online through multiple corporate resellers, and one of the prominent resellers- 'Unicorn Infosolutions' has entered into an agreement with Blinkit, to deliver Apple products directly to customers' homes in minutes. When you order your iPhone 14 and even other Apple accessories using the Blinkit app, Blinkit will deliver it to you from Unicorn's inventory.  

What's in it for Blinkit? This move will make Blinkit the first quick e-commerce platform to deliver electronics. Customers have historically preferred to buy electronics from physical brick-and-mortar shops like Vijay Sales and Croma since the experience of buying electronic gadgets mattered to them. Over time, customers have transitioned to Amazon and Flipkart for the sake of convenience and discounts as orders are usually delivered in a day or two.

But now that Blinkit will deliver iPhone and Earpods in minutes like your everyday grocery, looks like the days of waiting for days for your phone are going to be a thing of the past. Blinkit aims to enter new customer markets along with being one of the prominent grocery delivery apps. Blinkit's move might disrupt the online electronic sales market as customers might now shift to Blinkit for faster delivery. But since Blinkit cannot give massive discounts like Amazon and Flipkart do, this move is yet to be tested by time.  


How does it affect Apple? Apple products have always created a buzz. News of people lining up outside stores to get their hands on the latest phones is not new. People love the premium experience of getting an iPhone and since Indian users can pre-order the iPhone 14 on the same day as US users, the excitement could be at an all-time high. So Blinkit's deal might:

  • Either increase Apple's sales given the momentum of the news.
  • Or might lower the 'premiumness' of the brand over time since it makes the product a bit more easily accessible.  

What do you think? Will you get your iPhone delivered through Blinkit?

Last updated: September 19, 2022 | 15:44
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