What is Zomato Pay? How is it different from Zomato Pro?

Akshata Kamath
Akshata KamathNov 10, 2022 | 18:00

What is Zomato Pay? How is it different from Zomato Pro?

Zomato has been coming up with many programs. (Photo: Getty Images)

Zomato may have created multiple membership plans and features to grow the company with interesting revenue models and entice more customers. But now that Zomato has launched a new feature called Zomato Pay, here's how its different from Zomato Pro.

Photo: India Today

First, what was Zomato Pro? Remember Zomato Gold? Zomato's premium membership which provided customers with kickass offers like 1+1 when they ordered food online or dined at partner restaurants. Zomato Pro was the offer that replaced Zomato Gold in 2020. Zomato Pro was an exclusive 1 year membership programme that offered privileges and discounts at 20,000 + partner restaurants across dining out and delivery.


Zomato Pro Members could enjoy upto 40% discount at partner restaurants while dining out and get access to priority delivery/exclusive delivery offers on Zomato. But Zomato shut down its Zomato Pro service in August 2022. Zomato created another offering called Zomato Pro Plus in 2021 which it shut down in May 2022. 

So what is Zomato Pay? Zomato's new feature 'Zomato Pay' helps customers make payments at its partner restaurants using the app's Zomato Pay feature. The feature allows customers to avail various discounts and cashback offers when they use this feature. Zomato Pay also includes a new feature called 'Vibe Check', which allows restaurants to post short videos, like Instagram Stories, to improve the discovery of their locations.

This helps restaurant owners with insights about customer who visit their restaurants so that owners can run targeted marketing promotions and reach a wider audience. Zomato Pay currently operates in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata.

Last updated: November 10, 2022 | 18:00
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