NCR gets a new racing experience centre for kids, a month after Mumbai

Debodinna ChakrabortyJune 3, 2023 | 15:00 IST

Friday (June 2) marked the first day of the TVS Racing Experience Centre at KidZania, Noida. But what does this centre actually give off?  In it's truest sense, it is a live-action pit stop that cools all the nerves of a kid that pictures himself/herself as Ethan Hunt or Natasha Romanoff revving down an unnecesarily crowded highway.

At the forefront, the entire structure of the centre will easily break the age bracket of 4-16 years and make a man, who has crossed his "kid" era nearly a decade ago, gush out a smile and that becomes fairly easier if you put a cherry red Apache RR 310, right at the gate. 

Now, what can you do at this centre?

Like any other amusement park or gaming centre, you must have a racing simulator and you will get one here too. Now comes the probable bestseller: which is a chance for the kids to "assemble an Apache bike", which is not as hard as it sounds if "assembling" means just screwing-in the shells on an already made bike. All of these and then you get a license which is basically your ticket to get to the mini racetrack and drive, not the bike you "assembled", but a minibike with three wheels and an "Apache" sticker. 

Ultimately you get to go home with a podium picture and obviously, a merchandise if you are a parent and think that your six-year-old wearing a biker jacket outside is completely okay.  

“At the TVS Experience Centre, you will see that the kids are using all their five senses and that is a great way of them actually believing what they want to do by showcasing technology and innovation”, which might your exact expectation if you have to pay a hefty fee for the "innovative experience," Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania, Rahul Dhamdere, said during the inauguration.

After only a month from the inauguration of the Mumbai centre, both partners TVS and KidZania want to utlise the window which comes just after the  announcement of Bharat MotoGP, which is going to take place at Delhi in September 2023. 

Overall, the techy-looking structure along with the list of exciting activities for a "4-16 year old" activities of TVS Racing Experience centre has all the probable requirement criterias ticked off for turning out to be one of popular stops at KidZania, Noida.

Last updated: June 06, 2023 | 10:12
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