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Bigg Boss 10, episode 1: Maaliks and Sevaks can’t coexist

Pathikrit Sanyal
Pathikrit SanyalOct 18, 2016 | 14:20

Bigg Boss 10, episode 1: Maaliks and Sevaks can’t coexist

Even for a show that has been progressively as trashy as Bigg Boss, this season takes the cake with its new system.

The house, this season, will be cohabited by both celebrities and common folk. And while that may make things interesting, it comes with a rather messed up stipulation that reeks of classist privilege: The contestants are divided in two groups, Maaliks (masters) and Sevaks (servants).

TV actor Rohan Mehra is a Sevak on this reality show. [Photo: Twitter.com/BiggBoss]

Of course, the show tries to add some irony to this idea by putting the celebrities in the Sevak category and the commoners in the Maalik category, but that still does not quite take away the rather atrocious things Bigg Boss thinks a Sevak is expected to do.

The celebrities are not allowed to use the bathroom, gym or pool before the Maaliks. Nor are they allowed to use them without their permission. The Sevaks are allowed to eat on banana leaves only and cannot touch the kitchen utensils. The Sevaks aren't, in fact, even allowed to sleep before the Maaliks do. Seriously, who came up with this and what were they thinking?

Being day one, the celebrities did try to abide by these absurd rules, but when there are two separate classes in a volatile environment and one of them is being oppressed, there is bound to be conflict.

The privileged Maaliks did their best to take advantage of their newfound privilege, by making the Sevaks clean the pool multiple times and criticising their culinary skills. And when one of the Sevaks, Bani J, ignored the ruling class, a clash happened.


When contestant Priyanka Jagga tried to make conversation with contestant Bani Judge and asked her about her age and if she had kids, Bani ignored her and walked away. While Bani claims she did not realise the question was aimed at her, an offended Priyanka confronts her about her rude behaviour. An apology did not make things better and Priyanka alleged that Bani was doing this because she resented being a Sevak.

One can only wait for a full blown class struggle to erupt on this reality show.

Viva La Résistance!

Last updated: October 18, 2016 | 14:20
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