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Bigg Boss 10, episode 2: Priyanka and Manu are plain annoying

DailyBiteOct 19, 2016 | 16:36

Bigg Boss 10, episode 2: Priyanka and Manu are plain annoying

Barely episode two of Bigg Boss 10 and cracks have already deepened between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. If pettiness could be quantified, it would really be measured in terms of the show's characters.

The previous episode ended with an Manu Punjabi arguing with the sevaks because the latter just mentioned that as long as the maliks were up, they weren't allowed to sleep. The following moring Manu was responsible for another brief altercation between the two groups when he descibed the food being cooked (by the sevaks) as "vaahiyat" (abysmal). Of course, some amount of offence was taken on this comment but the situation was diffused (not without further whining from the contestant though).

The maliks plot about the sevaks. [Photo: Screengrab/Voot.com]

The fights between Priyanka Jagga and Bani Judge have managed to escalate further. While sevaks are expected to follow all of the maaliks' commands, Bani J asked Priyanka J if she could say the magic word. [For the etiquette-challenged among you all, the magic word is "please".]

Bani explained that she wasn't refusing her orders. In fact, she was only trying to make everyone's stay a bit more pleasant with decent behaviour. Priyanka, however, reacted badly to this. She threw a tantrum, asked for Bani to be thrown into the inhouse "jail", and even started crying. Talk about drama-queens!

Whether it is just arbitrary hate against the privileged class, or simply not being able to handle newfound power, the common folk (ironically, maaliks here) seem to be needlessly aggressive towards the celebrity sevaks, while the latter seem to be doing their tasks rather diligently.

There may be such a thing as abusing your power. [Photo: Screengrab/Voot.com]

One would assume that between all this drama, the infamous Swami Omji would manage to keep a low profile, but alas! Lopamudra, who initially semmed to get along with the Swami, lost her cool about the kind of stuff he kept saying. At this npoint even Bigg Boss had to issue the Swami a warning.


Gaurav Chopra steals the show when he hides the hukum ki ghanti, which a few commoners had been abusing to the point where their own teammates were getting annoyed with them. It's just episode two, and peak drama has already been achieved. Bravo, Bigg Boss contestants.

Gaurav and Monalisa among the celebrity participants, and Priyanka and Manu among the commoners end up being nominated for the danger zone.

Last updated: October 19, 2016 | 16:36
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