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Bigg Boss 10, episode 4: Rohan faces Priyanka's wrath

DailyBiteOct 21, 2016 | 13:56

Bigg Boss 10, episode 4: Rohan faces Priyanka's wrath

As the conflict between the masters and the servants rages inside the Bigg Boss house, day 4, which came in the form of a two-hour maha episode, saw a lot of drama.

The night before, resident melodrama expert Priyanka Jagga continued to make life difficult for the celebrities as she makes Swami Omji order some water at midnight. Celebrity contestant Rohan Mehra accidentally spills it on her. Obviously, Priyanka raises hell over this. This transforms into a full blown argument between Priyanka and Rohan


Priyanka not only shouts at Rohan, but also goes on to make off-colour comments on his family, and finally puts him in the newly inaugurated jail. Rohan later breaks down and cries and is consoled by teammate Karan Mehra.

 Priyana taking Rohan to jail after he "accidentally"spilled water on her. [Photo: Screengrab/Voot.com]

But the celebrities’ problems are not limited to Priyanka alone. As Bigg Boss gives them three more riddles to solve, as part of the "Raaz task", they fail yet again despite talking to the commoners individually.

Bigg Boss asks both the teams to select one person from their respective teams to be sent to jail. Mona Lisa from the celebrities and Swami Omji from the commoners are put behind the bars after some discussion.

Priyanka, who decides to pray for the well-being of her husband on Karwa Chauth, goes to the garden all dressed up, and chants mantras, helped by Swami Omji, who has gotten quite pally with her.

But Priyanka’s prayers are disturbed by the Swami’s cellmate, Mona Lisa, who is busy chatting with Lopamudra and Rohan. When Priyanka tells them to keep it down, Mona Lisa accuses her of putting up a show because she hadn’t fasted at all.

As one would imagine the every-ready-to-fight Priyanka lashes out at both Mona Lisa and Lopamudra. And while teammates come to her defence, it is clearly visible that Priyanka’s antics are tiring everyone out.


Bigg Boss lets the contestants know that he feels that the commoners have broken some rules. And despite the celebrities failing to solve any of the riddles, Bigg Boss will give them another chance to go from servants to masters.

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