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Bigg Boss 10, Episode 8: Tables turn for the commoners, celebs snatch powers

DailyBiteOct 25, 2016 | 15:39

Bigg Boss 10, Episode 8: Tables turn for the commoners, celebs snatch powers

Like with any dictatorial regime, the loss of a key powerholder is enough to cause a shift in balance. With Priyanka's exit, the Indiawale in the Bigg Boss house started fumbling. In this moment of desperation, they did something that would prove fatal to them shortly thereafter. The commoners started plotting about who to vote out.

The rules of the Bigg Boss house clearly state that one is not supposed to do that. Bigg Boss, thus stripped the commoners of their power, and handed it over to the celebrities. Props to Bigg Boss for using a Spiderman quote while doing that - "With great power, comes great responsibilities".

The role reversal did not prove to be something the commoners could handle well. Within hours of the change, fights started erupting here and there. The first one being the ever so ready-to-fight Manu and the Priyanka Chopra fangirl Lokesh. Manu, who does not seem to agree with anyone but himself, fought with Lokesh over kitchen responsibilities. Manu also managed to get into a tiff with Nitibha Kaul.

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Meanwhile, the notorious Swami Omji refused to help out with chores or follow any orders, which obviously made his teammates angry. As the day moves on, another fight breaks out, this time between Om Swami and Rohan.

The Swami clearly has no friends in the house, especially post Priyanka Jagga's departure. He constantly goes on and on about how everyone in the house is disrespectrful towards him and he even goes to the camera and says that all the contestants want to kill him. Yeah, this is the same guy who has handed out death threats to politicians, activists and even to a Bigg Boss contestant in the house.

Clearly, the whole Bigg Boss house woke up on the wrong side of the bed.


Last updated: October 25, 2016 | 15:39
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