When Imam schooled Bigg Boss 9 celebs

Let's see if the contestants can learn a thing or two from the season 6 winner.

 |  2-minute read |   13-01-2016
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Nothing in Bigg Boss is ever complete without a pinch of drama. This time, there was a whole lot of it in the form of its favourite trouble child Imam Siddique.

Viewers will remember the unforgettable Imam and his antics that made season 6 so entertaining, possibly one of the most watched season from the reality series. He entered the house in true Maharaja style and announced almost instantly that he wasn't there to be ordinary, he was there to be bizarre. And so he was.

We had almost forgotten what a live, energetic house this once was. Imam's colourful outfits and eclectic personality reminded us that we weren't watching a yawn inducing soap opera on TV, but a reality show that would enthral us.

It was time for the final six to be schooled in some reality television etiquettes: where controversial is always the flavour and the mundane is chucked in the dump. This was Imam's secret to winning Bigg Boss and he shared this with the contestants, who would be his housemates for the next few days.

The first student at the Imam School of Cool was Prince. Who knew Prince was actually Praveen? Well Praveen (Prince's original name) was told to stick to his own personality rather than trying to act and prove that he can achieve a royal status. Next up was Keith who was blamed for being spineless and biased towards his girlfriend.

After lectured on hygiene and manners, Guru Imam thought it fit to mix things up in the house. He was given the right to assign a task and nominate the one who succeeded for a ticket to the finale.

He asked Priya and Rishabh to get haircuts from Mandana. He also went to Rochelle and tried to convince her to get a proposal out of Keith. Rochelle refused saying it was too early to take the plunge into marriage.

A bored Imam decided to make things interesting by ordering a debonair Keith to make Priya blush by looking deep into her eyes, at which he excelled effortlessly.

Imam also asked Mandana to make any one of the guys in the house fall for her. This would have been easier in the beginning, but it's an uphill task for the Iranian model as she's probably the most hated housemate.

As ringmaster Imam continues to crack his whip, let's see how exciting this new circus turns out to be.


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